Pockie Pirates Guide: Chapter 9

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Pockie Pirates Chapter 9 has been launched. This guide contains more information about Pirates:Chapter 9–Era of Devil Fruit.

Devil Fruit

Pockie Pirates Devil Fruit

1. Crews higher than purple can use devil fruit or item(obtained from Battle Royal) to activate crew's special ability; ilities requires special items. Click the crew's button, go to skill interface, click to activate a special ability if you meet the requirement;
3. Required item will disappear when the special ability is activated;
4. After activating special ability: Crew will have one more passive skill(Normal skill will have bonus effect)

Crew Upgrade System Introduction

Crew Upgrade system will open when character reaches level 60. Click the Crew Upgrade button can go to the panel.

Pockie Pirates Crew

How to use Crew Upgrade

1.Only orange and red quality crews can use this function, protagonist cannot;
2.To use Crew Upgrade, the following requirements must be reached:
1) Own the crew
2) Meet the upgrade level
3) Have sufficient Soul Crystals, Prestige and Fame

Pockie Pirates Crew Upgrade

3.After upgrade, the crew's active skills, quality and ability growth will change while the crew's level, existing attributes, passive skills, equipment and shadow will not change;
4.SSS rank is added. SSS rank crew's name will be shown in yellow. After crew upgrade, orange crew will turn into red, SS rank red crew will turn into SSS rank yellow crew.

About Sennenryu

Sennenryu system will open when protagonist reaches level 50. Click the Sennenryu button on top of the main interface to enter the interface.

Pockie Pirates Sennenryu

System Introduction

1. Click the Summon Sennenryu button and you'll see a dragon with various rewards floating around it.

Pockie Pirates Chapter 9 System

2. You can summon Sennenryu 10 times per day. VIP5 or higher level VIP can get 5 extra opportunities to summon it.
3. There are two types of Sennenryu with different colors and different rewards.
Players who's higher than VIP 5 can use gold to summon red Sennenryu directly. Each summon costs 20 gold.

How to get reward

You can spend gold to input energy after summoning Sennenryu. Successful input= rewradX3, Failed input=rewardX1.5;
If you fail to input energy, the Input Memory button will become grey. You can click Collect Reward button to get your reward;
If you input energy successfully, you can spend gold to input again. Altogether 4 input attempts are allowed;
Rewards from Sennenryu include Silver, Prestige, Orange Soul Crystal, Red Soul Crystal.

New AB II Crew Member - Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi, one of the most popular characters in One Piece, has very long, flowing strawberry-blonde hair with a fish-shaped hairgrip. Her broadly striped tail ends in a ruffle around her waist. She is also one of the three ancient weapons called Poseido.

Pockie Pirates Shirahoshi

The lovely princess Shirahoshi will make first appearance in early June with the release of Pockie Pirates chapter 9! Shirahoshi has a very fragile personality, yet she is sweet and innocent. She has the power to communicate with and control Sea Kings. While guided by the power of love, it can save thousands of lives, but with evil intentions, it can sink everything into the ocean.

And now let's check Shirahoshi's ability in Pockie Pirates.

Shirahoshi: SS rank doctor, great speed, magical attack and physical defense. Active skill Mermaid's Protection can restore 20% of max HP for all allies and remove all debuffs, decrease magical damage taken by 25% in 2 rounds. The HP restored increases as crew's Wisdom increases. Reduced damage taken increases as crew's Constitution increases(the upper limit is 50% ).

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