Pockie Pirates Chapter 12 Asian Server Preview

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Pockie Pirates Chapter 12 has not been launched. But I can't wait to share it with you. Check below.

1)Intra Server OPB held every 14 days- brackets 70-110 and 110+

2)Level 140 Cap = 140 apts,pet level,crew level,5 new elite campaigns,2 new maps and 140 Dungeon

3)100 gold perfect inherit level on crew ignoring develop stats(you can still use the 2000 perfect inherit option for lvl and develop)

4) New Crew- Diamond Jozu(AB2)

5)No clue(need translation: Optimize the integration of some function buttons.)

6)No clue(need trnaslation: Transfer of the main quest, the mouse click anywhere in the game will automatically transition.??)

7)Devil Fruit and Potential Crystals can be sold for diamonds(rank B and above)

8) Special skills on crew activated (no clue)

9) New warship Upgrading system,Upgrading warship can add additional attribute

10) World Map Enhanced for better experience

11)Crew recruited from Bar willl directly go to Logbook EDIT-10g for convening is removed Kanpai

12) Endless sky Nerf,70% for 2 turns will be lowered to 50% for 2 turns

13)Display erros fix

14)Some legion error repair

15) Fix Kid Skill, Prevent from Making damage equivalent to 1st target(From Navi prot style to nami style)

16) FIXED Rampage and Defence Soul of Sea skill buff existing simultaneously

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