Pockie Pirates Guide: Brief Introduction on Class System & Crew Recruitment System

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Pockie Pirates is a browser-based online blockbuster adopted from the popular Japanese manga One Piece. Lately, this game has been officially released in China and caught enormous public attention ever since. Rumor has it that the English version of Pockie Pirates will also kick off the closed beta later in this month. Are you excited about starting an adventure with Luffy? In this preview, BBGsite will present this game to you through the introduction on its class system and crew recruitment system.

Class System:

There are four available classes in the game now: Kengou(Sword Master), Sniper, Seafarer and Physician.

Sword Master: Sword Master is a physical-attack-based class who has high attack, HP and defense, but the speed is its disadvantage. Their innate skill, Endless Sky can deal damage to all the enemies in a line and may also cause stun to them. Their auxiliary skill can give their defense bonus and help them reflect damage. They are perfect to play the role of tank by standing in the front of the team.

Sniper: Sniper has impressive attack and speed, at the sacrifice of HP and defense. Their innate skill can launch 10 continuous attack to a random enemy while their auxiliary skill can increase their speed greatly which is very helpful to chase their enemies. Snipers usually play the role of DPS in a team.

Seafarer: Seafarers are good at AOE attack and have high magic defense but low physical defense and HP. At the beginner phase, the Seafarers have low hit rate but it can be improved through training after Level 50. Seafarer is a magic-attack-based class whose innate skill can deal damage to all the enemies and have a chance to cause stun to them. After getting to a high level, Seafarers will be the most powerful damage dealers of the team.

Physician: Physicians are the curer for the team. They have high HP and defense and good at magic attack. They move not fast but not slow either. Their innate skill will improve the magic attack of the whole team greatly while their auxiliary skill can create buff such as HP increase, damage reflection, etc. Physicians are essential for the team.

Each of the four classes has its own merits and demerits. All you need to do is choose a one according to your will, rather than jump on the bandwagon. As the old saying goes, there is no best class, but only best player. No matter which class you choose, you can be the strongest player in the game as long as you train your character with heart and soul.

Crew Recruitment

After a character is successfully created, you can sail out the east sea for your first adventure. No matter how skillful a captain is, he can never sail alone. In Pockie Pirates, you can recruit your seamen, just like Luffy in the manga. They will help you get through difficulties and explore new islands.

The cap is set at Level 70 for the moment and you can take 9 seamen at most to sail with you or 5 to the battle. The seamen are divided into three grades in the game: B (blue), A (purple) and S (orange), with Grade SS (red) expected to come in the future. Now, let's take a look at the crew recruitment system through pictures.

The bar hostess is in charge of the crew recruitment. You can find her in most of the islands.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Before you reach Level 50, you can only recruit seamen in the bar of the East Sea.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

After you reach Level 50, you will be able to pick your seamen from the bar of the South Sea. By the way, what kind of seamen you can recruit has nothing to do with your current main quest.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Explanation on the Recruitment System Interface:

Pockie Pirates Screenshot
Click here for full screenshot

Area One: Your current Gold and Tokens are displayed in this area.

Basic Recruit Token can be used for a basic recruitment (equals to 30,000 Silver).
Advanced Recruit Token can be used for an advanced recruitment (equals to 50 Gold).
Super Recruit Token can be used for a super recruitment (equals to 500 Gold).
You can find Recruit Tokens by salvaging the treasure lost under the sea.

Area Two: Click the arrow to move to the next page. This function is not available until you reach Level 50. After you reach Level 50, you can click it to go to the bar of the South Sea.

Kindly Reminder: be aware of which bar you are in before recruiting your seamen.

Area Three: Card Zone. After you choose the recruitment type in Area Five, five seamen cards will be displayed in the Card Zone. You can watch the cards for five seconds, and then they will be turned over and rearranged. You need to flip over one card to see which seaman you will get.

Kindly Reminder: if you want to flip over extra cards, you need to spend extra Gold, so pay attention to the cost before you flip over the next one.

Area Four: Once you flip over a card in Area Three, the recruit button will show up under it. If you want to recruit the seaman on the card, then click the recruit button. If you are not satisfied, you can flip over one of the left cards at cost.

Area Five: Three types of recruitment, each at different cost.

Basic recruitment costs 30,000 Silver and gives you a very high chance to get a Grade B seaman.
Advanced recruitment costs 50 Gold and gives you a high chance to get a Grade A or Grade S seaman.
Super recruitment costs 500 Gold and ensures at least three Grade A or S seamen in the Card Zone.

PS: if you see good seamen in the Card Zone but happen to have no enough Gold to flip over extra cards, you can save Gold for a while and then come back to the bar to continue flipping. The seamen in the Card Zone won't be replaced.

The seamen are also divided by four classes which are the same as the characters'.

Purple and orange seamen have special innate skills, while the blue seamen only have basic skills of their classes. You can try them out later in the closed beta test.

Seamen are very important for you to go on a successful voyage, so think twice before you recruit your crew.

In general, if you are not a physician, you'd better take a physician seaman on board at the beginner phase. It would help you explore new islands. A swordman seaman is also a must as he can play the tank role for you. You can decide to take snipers or seafarers according to your own situation. As long as you work out a good combination of seamen's skills, you can be the true force at sea even without super seamen.



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