Pockie Pirates Guide: Best Crew in Each Bar

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In Pockie Pirates, you can find several crews in each bar, but do you know which one is the strongest? Here is a guide about the best crew in each bar, which is made by staz13 from Official Forum. The crews will be ranke with star,more the better. Now just check below:

East Blue Bar

3 star:Buggy,Jango,Shura,Satori
2 Star:Cabaji,Morgan,Helmeppo,Mohji,Gin
1 star: Buchi,Alvida Fat,Sham

South Blue Bar

3 Star:Kuroobi,Tashigi,Hatchan,Alvida Slim,Gedatsu,Arlong
2Star:Wapol,Peral,Ohm(almost 3 star)Krieg
1 Star:Kuro (almost 2,but he is better at WB) Chew

West Blue Bar:

3 Star:Crocodile,Vivi,Enel,Smoker
2 star:Mr 2,Dalton(almost 1),Mr 1
1Star:Mr.3 ,Kohza

North Blue Bar:

3 star:Ace,Mihawk,Boa,
2 star:Mr 5(almost 1,because he can stun himself),Rob Lucci,BlackBeard,Cricket(almost 1,depends on the buff/debuff of the target)Magellan(almost 3).Shouou(almost 1,he is kinda slow)
1 star:Majira,Moria,

All Blue:

3 star:Chopper,Robin,Perona,Franky,Law,Kuma,DOflamingo
2 star: Laffite,Jinbei(almost 3)Burguess
1 star:Van Augur,Doc Q(bc the odds)

All Blue 2

3 star:Brook,Sanji,Zoro,Nami
2 Star:Ussop (bc it's random,but he is almost a 3)
1 Star: To be confirmed



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