Pockie Pirates: Battle of Marineford Complete Guide

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The Battle of Marineford which involve the east and west affiliation, it is set to be the biggest battle in the history of the pirate age as the Whitebeard Pirates take on the Shichibukai Alliance.

Entering the event from the event icon. The event is open thrice a week, on 8:30 pm in Asian server. I believe there will be more timing for international server.

Pockie Pirates Luffy

Start with N waves of marine forces. A: contribution of East and West Affiliation; B: Total damage ranking; C: Affiliation bonuses. Marine forces hp is 200K, 1 hit K.O.1 of your crew no matter how high is the def. and hp. You get 100K silver for every kill.

Pockie Pirates

If you kill the entire team, you will get 500K Silver.

2nd round is N waves of Shichibukai with 500K hp. Same like marine forces, 1 hit K.O. 500K for every kill.

Pockie Pirates Kohza

Final round, Aokiji, the marine general.

Pockie Pirates Kohza

100.000.000 hp, similar to Whitebeard event, not affected by debuff, reduce fury. But he has no damage cap**. You can hit as hard as possible (no Silver nor Honor for the damage). 3M will be rewarded to player who finished him. ** Crew dealing % damage like Q, Kuroobi, Morgan, Alvida (fat), Van Augur, etc. will be limited to 10.000 damage.

Affiliation with higher contribution get Shell Chest x 10, Ship Upgrade card x 5. Otherwise, Shell Chest x 6, Ship Upgrade card x 2. Top 1 Damage dealer get Ranking Chest x 3, Top 2 : x2 , Top 3: x1


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