Pockie Pirates Guide: Advanced Senior Crew List

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The advanced crews members are special One Piece characters that you can recruit into your Pockie Pirates crew. The profession class of these advanced crews are fixed, however they have unique active skills that set them apart from the normal ranked crews that you can guide. This guide will organize the list of all the advanced crews so that you can pick out the ones that are best for your team. You can find more Pockie Pirates Guides here.

Advanced Crew Listing

Crew Profession
Rank Skill Strength
Alvida Swordsman A Hammer of Alvida 300 120 390 190
Mohji Swordsman A Beast Whip 260 170 320 250
Cabaji Swordsman A Hollow Moon Chop 290 140 250 320
Morgan Swordsman A Earth Crack Chop 270 110 459 160
Buggy Sniper S Spinning Darts 420 120 180 480
Buchi Swordsman A Cat Kill 310 100 440 150
Gin Swordsman S Man-Demon Strike 370 240 380 210
Helmeppo Sniper A Aimed Shot 330 130 160 380
Sham Sniper A Theft Swindle 270 130 150 450
Jango Navigator A 1.2.Jango 130 370 200 300

Advanced Crews Skills Notes

Buggy: Sniper Darts
Strong attack on row of enemies.

Buchi: Cat Skill
Random attack against one single enemy. Increased damage at certain HP. Attack is pretty weak.



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