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Here is a guide about the Pockie Pirates,newbie Guide in Pockie Pirates. Thank Anixian who posted it on official forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:

Well this is for the tactics competition so I will try to give suggestions in fluency and coherence to you guys!

>>Server 3 (Orange Town)

Username>> Gaara

     My main tip for you is not to save up 500 Gold for the recruiting in the Bar because there is a strong chance you can get an A/S rank recruit in no less than 3 tries of the 50 Gold recruit (150G). Effectively this is an equivalent of 3 for the Price of 1.

     Below shows you the number of Crew Members available to join your Crew (NOTE: only 5 are allowed in a battle) 
>>>>Level 15 - Max of 3 crew members
>>>>Level 25 - Max of 4 crew members
>>>>Level 35 - Max of 5 crew members
>>>>Level 40 - Max of 6 crew members
>>>>Level 50 - Max of 7 crew members
>>>>Level 60 - Max of 8 crew members
>>>>Level 70 - Max of 9 crew members

     Secondly when you send your trading boat out to sea for items and prestige (unlocked at Lv.25) make sure to receive your goods AS SOON AS the timer runs out, otherwise the item which can be an S-rank item will be quickly plundered by another Crew (particularly when your crew levels are under 45).

pockie pirates


Another tip is for one particular quest in the (daily task) tab. This is the one where it asks you to gain a certain amount of silver (e.g. 100k) through jobs (missions). My suggestion is that whenever you complete a sub-quest (e.g. defeat Cruel Swordsman 5 times) do not go and receive the completion money until you get this daily task. It will save you the hassle of trying to find a new job when you get this task.

     Just for the reference, the server resets at 12AM ChicagoStandardTime (GMT -6) but because of current daylight saving time it is actually GMT-5. Which means it resets at 12AM for EST (GMT -5) people and 9PM for PST (GMT -8) people. As for United Kingdom like myself, it is 5AM.
     There appears to be many other strategies on this forum so check out the others if you have the time, this one was for beginners at this game, enjoy Pockie Pirate!



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