Pockie Ninja II Original Guide: Bankai System

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Soul Crystal

In Pockie Ninja II Original, soul Crystal is used to increase extra stats by being equipped into a sword. Players can get Soul Crystals from NPC in the Soul Society. The chance for high grade crystal varies with NPC.

Soul Crystal can devour other crystals to upgrade and improve its stats.

Besides 18 types of Soul Crystals, there are valueless pieces, and EXP Crystal for devour.

Grades: green, blue, purple, gold

Soul Society

Players can click NPC and spend Stone to get Soul Crystal in Soul Society. There are 2 free tries every day. Once the free tries are used up, players have to spend stone

Devour Rules

1. For the crystal in the same level, low grade crystal will be devoured by high grade one with its total EXP added to high grade crystal.

2. For the crystal in the same grade, low EXP crystal will be devoured by high EXP one with its total EXP added to high EXP crystal.

3. Soul Crystal has its basic EXP that increases with the grade.

4. When devouring, Soul Crystal will devour all overflow EXP if EXP is much more than what it needs to upgrade to the level cap

5. Crystals of the best grade or highest level can't devour or be devoured.

Total EXP = Basic EXP + Current EXP

Bankai System

When you reach lv.40, the first blade Zangetsu will be unlocked. Altogether 3Zanpakuto can be shown in the battle.

Every Zanpakuto has 3 different forms, stats will rise with every level up. Slot which can store Soul Crystal will also be unlocked. Crystals of the same attribute cannot be placed into the same blade.

The second Bankai Senbonzakura will be unlocked when the first Bankai reaches lv.4. The third Bankai Hyōrinmaru will be unlocked when the first or second Bankai reaches lv.7.



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