Pockie Ninja: How to Save Up Backpack Space

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Pockie Ninja


Since a lot of less experienced player does not know what to do when their backpack is full with items or equipment. This guide will be trying to solve your problem.

1. Equipment - You can put it in inscription slot or armory slot. Refining, enhancement or enchantment talisman keep in the armory as well as enchantment stone or gem. Recast talisman keep in recasting section.

2. Purple colored elemental focus potion - In case you have different levels of such potion, you can synthesised them into konoha arcanum. Elemental Focus Potion+1s+1s= Konoha arcanum

3. Use up your Sakura potions since you will have less of them than Toad arcanum or Konoha arcanum.

4. Store your pet food in pet kennel.

5. Put inactive pet in pet kennel or transfer shop.

6. Store outfit in transfer shop if wardrobe is full.

7. Trial scroll - 'Max' store them with the old man in Ninja's Trial.

8. Sell away all unbound unused collection likings.

9. Useless enchantment stone can be used to make Demon Proof of Suppression. Hand grenade +2 Ench. Stone = DPS.

10. Throw away low level engrave crystal.

11. Bound Lava stone necklace can be thrown if you don't do Tailed Beast event.

12. Anonymous card can be thrown if you not using Vulture pet.

13. Things which you wanted to keep and unbound, you can sell them at crazy price and withdraw them from market to store them in trade warehouse.

14. Try to look for residual quest drops from monster. Even though quest is done, if you hunted more drops than the quest requirement, it will still be staying in the backpack.

15. Discover talisman - Use it up.

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