Pockie Ninja: Water Release, Enhance Your DoT

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Pockie Ninja

Speaking of water release, it never really noticed since long time ago. Some previous chapter people rarely choose water release as their main element. Speedster with lightning and wind release, damager identical with fire release, and tank in the earth release era. Water release still standing out of sight in any build.          But after some test because knowing there is something unexplained at some matches in PvP or PvE. At the conclusion one perfect reason why people will start notice how powerful water release and the water release will always accompany our discussion of some battles.

 Is that true? Water release enhance dot while enemy under cb? Its true several experiments about cb and water release have been performed by ultimas at bug and report section. And yet for couple days i do some experiment about water release and it give me a new view of water release.

         When we discuss something like this one question always appear. Then whats the fact of water release that possible to support the enhancement?POCKIENINJA" p0 W! H6 y5 U3 S

Here we go the serious part of this :

-Water village not enhance dot+cb)

-Basic water release (at the top of skill tab) not enhance dot+cb

-Outfit with water release enhance dot+cb

-Bloodline with water release enhance dot+cb

-Pet water release enhance dot+cb

-Enchant stone enhance dot+cb

-Gears release (kage gear) enhance dot+cb

-Water elemental (ring+talis) enhance dot+cb

List of outfit with water release,

Pockie Ninja Water Release

Pockie Ninja Water Release

List of water enhance bloodline, enchant stone, and gears

Pockie Ninja Water Release

Pockie Ninja Water Release

Pockie Ninja Water Release

Speaking about dot, all dot enhanced by water release under cb? No, only 3 basic dot skills (FTG, DMJ, and Poison) enhanced but not pet skill. In this part, we speaking about Manda's torment.

How to calculate damage increment that enhanced by water release under cb?

Only one formula : 

dot under cb = normal dot damage * 1+crystal blade multiplier(total water enhance%)=damage * 1+2(outfit enhance+total bloodline enhance+enchant stone enhance+pet elemental release enhance)

As we can see some tests already performed at the thread that started by ultimas.

For support the research i also do some tests:

Ocean heart test

Pockie Ninja Water Release

dmj  ftg

     227 265

cb  236 276

dot under cb damage 104%(104.1%)


-Pet water enhance 10%

Pockie Ninja Water Release


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