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Pockie Ninja

By: Moons

In Chapter 8, a new feature is being introduced called Tsunade's Pub. Much like a past event, Wheel of Fortune, players can spin a 'wheel' and redeem the prizes it lands on.

You'll be able to access this feature near the top of your screen.

Pockie Ninja Tsunade's Pub

Everyone gets 2 free spins a day, and gold users can buy more spins for 10 gold each. Rewards from Free spins are automatically put in the Deposit Box, from where they can be claimed and put into your bag by clicking on them or hitting 'Draw All'.

Pockie Ninja Tsunade's Pub

Rewards from bought spins are a little different, placed in the Unclaimed box. From here, you can place them in your deposit box or when all 10 slots fill up and you don't like the rewards you've recieved, you can click the 'Back' button and you'll be allotted 30 gold for 3 free spins and try again.

If you're using gold to buy spins, there's an easy way to quickly go through spins. Just click 'Set Stock' and place the amount of gold you want to use for spins, check the little boxes next to 'Auto to next' and 'Fast Open'. (Free users can also use this feature of course, but twice daily spins don't really need it)

What this does is skip the (occasionally heart-wrenching) 'spin' animation, so that it lands straight on the prize you get from that round, and skips to the next one without you needing to press 'Start' every time. This cycle will stop once all 10 slots in the Unclaimed box are full, and you need to either claim the rewards to clear some space, or use the 'Back' feature to get yourself another 30 gold for 3 spins. You can also hit 'Pause' at any time to halt it, and retrieve any gold left in your stock by changing the input value to 0.

If at any point, you check 'Fast Open' after you've started auto-spinning and hit pause, you'll be unable to resume and need to reopen the interface. You won't lose any gold or rewards though, so no worries.

Without any further ado, here is an easy list of rewards I've compiled that you can get from Tsunade's Pub for reference:

Enhancement Talisman

Refinement Talisman

Slot Creation Talisman

Advanced Inscription Talisman

Demon Proof

Exp Panacea (Sage, Adv. Sage, Lv. 1-3 Lux, or Bankai)

Stone Bag

Gift Coupon Bag

1500 All Purpose Cards

5-20 Collection Jars (increments of 5)

Discover Talisman

Bloodsouls I-V (VI-VII rare)

Bloodsoul Refinement Talisman

Pet Skills including Bankai

Unappraised 4s Gears (level-dependent, and may be inscribed and enhanced up to level 8)

40 syn Pets including Tailed Beasts, S-Rank, and Anniversary Pets (Manda, Tonton, Noba, and Kurodo) Chance for +27*

Orange Outfits including Shippuuden, S-Rank, and Kisuke, Hime-Cut, Guren, and Shunsui. Chance for +31* outfits

Purify Stones (Outfit and Pet, Mega Outfit Stone available)

Things I've noticed that are NOT among the rewards, are Tailed Beast Hearts or any type of gem, nor luxury or gold treasure jars. Sad, but I think the rewards from Tsunade's Pub overall are pretty awesome. Good luck in Chapter 8!

*Note that I am not sure if the level of these things are dependent on character level or not.

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