Pockie Ninja: True Damager’s Guide

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Pockie Ninja


1. Distinction between damager, punisher and AB speedster.

Damager – Deal high damage in average fast speed. Lowest BMV is STR, then AGI and lastly STA.Lethal against tankers and punishers.

Punisher – Deal high damage in slow speed. Lowest BMV is STR, then STA and lastly AGI. Lethal against tankers.

AB speedster –Deal high damage on low defence player in faster speed. Lowest BMV is AGI, then STR and lastly STA. Lethal against damager and speedsters.

2. Village & Outfits

Village: Water(CB intensified), Wind (Windstorm Array/Quickstep), Lightning (if Speedster skills)

Pockie Ninja Damager

Outfit: Ideal ones are 8 STR BMV with 12 or lower AGI BMV.

Pockie Ninja Damager

Haven't released: Sanji (8/9/17)

S-rank: Sage Naruto (10/11/10), Mizukage (10/10/11)

Limited: Normal Kenpachi(8/10/15)

Shippuden: Suigetsu (8/12/18), Deidara (8/12/17), Yamato(11/12/11)

Normal: Jiraiya (12/12/14), Hatake Kakashi (12/12/13), Aizen (12/12/12)

3. Pet

Pockie Ninja Damager

Normal: Sweet Potato, Bloodbat, Corn Demon

Dragon: Frostbore, Azure Dragon, Dark Wing

Tailed Beast: Demon Fox, Sokou

Anniversary: Kurodo, Noba, Tonton

Limited: Ten-tails

4. Gears

Pockie Ninja Damager

1. Fully STR Gem or add a few AGI gem.

2. Primary Stats: STR, Crit, AB, AGI/Speed, Hit

3. Secondary Stats: Block, Defence & HP (mild)

5. Motivational aspect for free user

I'm a free user myself, didn't even spend a cent. However, if you are hardworking one, I can tell you that 'You can do it'. You can still get Shippuden outfit like Suigetsu or Deidara and upgrade it. I upgrade my Suigetsu using Shippuden pot given from event and also bought Suigetsu outfit from Trade market. Currently, I'm level 91 with a Suigetsu+31. That's the maximum outfit level I can use right now. But, I having a bad luck time with recasting Haha. Hope you all will thrive to upgrade your outfit.

Pockie Ninja Damager

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