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Pockie Ninja

Ninja's Trial is a trial field for 3 VS 3 team fight. You can team up with your friends or attend alone. Experience the exciting contest and score glorious rewards!

Entry Conditions

1. Click Angel City's Waterfall of Trial

2. Opening Hours: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00-21:00

3. Must higher than level 40

How to Participate

No friends online? Why not be a lone challenger?>

1.Single player mode

System will find matches for players who attend the trial alone. Characters at similar levels will be given primary consideration.

Pockie Ninja

Band together with friends for the battle ahead

2.Multi-player mode

You can team up with friends and attend the trial together. Tips: You cannot attend the trial if team member is less than 3.

Rules: Teams with similar levels will be given primary consideration.

Tips: Trial level will increase as more trials are attended.

You'll gain certain trial credits in every fight regardless of the result.

Pockie Ninja

I want to claim the rewards of Ninja's Trial

Credits earned from Ninja's Trial can be used to redeem items in the Trial Shop. Rewards include:Likings, Bloodsoul, etc.

Pockie Ninja



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