Pockie Ninja TenTen Build Guide

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Pockie Ninja

Tenten have Ninja Item Skill Release Skill passives so it very ideal for any village, ideal build for this character is


The Mad Bomber

You might have encountered from time to time in Arena those few people who use bombs on you. They pack a big punch but also has a drawback. You can kick it back!. Well in this build we’ll show you show to prevent kickbacks and how to destroy your opponent with bombs. This build makes use of Ninja Item Masters.

Recommeneded Stats: Agility, Great Strength, Crit

Pockie Ninja Tenten skill build ,

Skill Build


Great Strength


Quick Step

Mud River


Bomb is your main attack skill. With your ninja item mastery it’s damage and frequency should be coming out alot. Remember when I told you that you can prevent them from throwing bombs back at you? Well Great Strength and Thunderfall stuns them so they can’t move and kick the bombs back, plus they deal great damage! Quick Step and Mud River are basic speedster skills to let you get in more bombs as fast as you can. The final skill is Claybomb the Coup de Grace. It deals damage depending on how much damage the opponent has taken before it blows up.

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