Pockie Ninja, PN II and Original Guide: Tailed Beasts Skills List

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Here is a complete list of Tailed Beast Skills in Pockie Ninja. Note that the skills below are only available to Tailed Beast pets. It is still possible to learn the usual pet skills in addition to the skills listed below.

Important Note:

- The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja II Social and Pockie Ninja II Original. All Main Functions can still be found and are still working. Happy Playing!

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Basic Tips: NEW!

- It is recommended to discover all possible slots first before upgrading your pet to +1.
- Upgrading your pets will also increase their satiety requirement per skill discovery!

Note:You can also discover other skills that are not listed below. This list will only feature Tailed
Beasts only skills and Tailed Beast specific skills.

Aura Levels

- Upgrade Pet: +0 to +8: can discover Basic Aura
- Upgrade Pet: +9 to +17: can discover Advanced Aura
- Upgrade Pet: +18 and above: can discover Expert Aura

- Tailed Beasts Aura Skills -

Basic/Advanced/Expert Lofty Aura

- Must learn aura skill before activating parasitic skills or other Tailed Beast Aura Skills.
- If multiple lofty auras exist, the highest lofty aura will be used.


- Must learn Lofty Aura first
- There's a 20% chance to be invulnerable when injured.
- Can only be used 2 times in one battle.
- Duration: Basic Aura: 2 seconds | Adavanced Aura: 3 seconds | Expert Aura: 4 seconds.

Seething Beast Blood

- Must learn Lofty Aura first
- When chakra is less than 10% of it's max level, there's a 30% chance to change Aura into
Chakra by certain percentage and clear all abnormal status.
- Basic Aura: 20% | Advanced Aura: 30% | Expert Aura: 40%.

Berserk Beast

- Must learn Lofty Aura first
- When being attacked, there's certain chance to activate berserk status, which raises speed
and attack power by a percentage.
- Basic Aura: 5% | Advanced Aura: 8% | Expert Aura: 10%.

- Tailed Beasts Aid/Support Specific Skills -

Shukaku (1 Tailed Beast)

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- Guardian of Sand
- 30% chance to revive it's owner and recover 30% of max HP and max Chakra.
- Can be triggered 3 times in one battle.

Nekomata (2 Tailed Beast S-Rank)

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- Devour
- Before enemy moves, 17% chance to devour 10% of enemy's Chakra and restore the same
amount of Chakra.
- Meanwhile, in 8 seconds, reduce enemy's attack power by 20% or devour one of enemy's
Bloodboil, Static Field, Pre-Healing Jutsu.

Isonade (3 Tailed Beast)

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- Water Dragon Wave
- 15% chance to attack enemy with Water Dragon Wave and cause 75% common damage.
- Reduce enemy's dodge by 200 points for 8 seconds.

Sokou (4 Tailed Beast)

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- Corrosive Acid
- 18% chance to release acid liquor to attack enemy, cause 75% of common damage, reduce
enemy's attack and defense by 30%.
- Lasts for 8 seconds.

Houkou (5 Tailed Beast)

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- Elementary Mastery
- Increase the damage of five element release skills by 15%.

Raijuu (6 Tailed Beast)

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- Lightning Storm
- 21% chance to activate Static Field before moving, increase Chidori's damage by 15%.

Mujina (7 Tailed Beast)

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- Reshape
- When being attacked, 18% chance to restore 15% of the max HP, increase 300 points
- Lasts for 12 seconds.

Giant Ox (8 Tailed Beast S-Rank)

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- Dark Dominance
- Additional Attack: 23% chance to attack enemy and cause 80% of damage.
- Reduce enemy's current HP and Chakra by 15% once.

Demon Fox (9 Tailed Beast S-Rank)

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- Tailed Beast Ball
- 32% chance to attack enemy, cause 100% normal damage.
- The recovered amount of HP is equal to 40% of damage output.
- There's also 25% chance to decrease enemy's movement by 30%, lasts for 12 seconds.
- It will be triggered 3 times in one battle.

Eye of the Moon (10 Tailed Beast: Limited Edition!) NEW!

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- Eye of the Moon
- Before the enemy moves, use Infinite Tsukuyomi, which can transfer all of enemy's defense
power to its master. Lasts 12 seconds.

- Planetary Devastation
- Launch a counterattack after injury, deal 500 points of fixed damage and increase master's
own HP by 15%.

- Tailed Beasts Specific Passive Skills -

Ancient Rampage
- Increase master's Strength by 60 points.

Ancient Swiftshadow
- Increase master's Agility by 60 points

Ancient Royal Armor
- Increase master's Stamina by 60 points.

Ancient Thick Skin
- Increase master's Defense by 68 points.

Ancient Vision
- Increase master's Hit by 68 points.

- Other Aid/Support Skills -

Here are some skills that you might want to discover for your Tailed Beast pet.

Absolute Loyalty
- Increase the proc-rate of pet's support skill.
- Must have for all pets!

- Increase the proc-rate of special effect during pet's assist attack.
- Must have if your pet has a special skill that triggers during assist attack.

- When owner is under attack, the pet has 10% chance to block damage.

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