Pockie Ninja: Tailed Beasts Categorizations

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Pockie Ninja

7 tail Mujina: This one is for fatties XD. Its Reshape heals you quicker than Riceballs and gives you extra defence against GB. It support skills are most likely the same as 1 tail Shukaku. -> This is a Tanker-type TB.

Pockie Ninja

8 tail Hachibi: This Giant Ox is for Killer Bee when the outfit shows up XD. Dark Dominance is a scary skill when it reduces you HP and Chakra the first time it cast. The damage is also great as it deals 80% of your ordinary attack, given that the attack is high O.O. The Passive will be just like 3,4 and 5 tail. -> This is a Damager-type TB.



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