Pockie Ninja: Tailed Beasts Categorizations

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Pockie Ninja

BY: Missing-Nin


- The Tailed Beasts here are both normal and S-ranks TB . Sue whatever you prefer. Enjoy

- Aura's are not discussed because every TB aura discovery rate is the same.

Pockie Ninja

1 Tail Shukaku: This is quite a bad choice for Speeders cause the Gaara's beast doesn't support much on discovering Ancient Swiftshadows or Speed Increasing skills, e.g. Sharpness, Sharpness[E]. The Sand Guardian support skills are defenitely for tankers, rebirth "spammers" and chakra eaters. -> This would be a Tanker-type TB.

Pockie Ninja

2 Tail Nekomata: This is obviously for tankers. The Devour support skills are designed for chakra eaters. As high as it can go, the rate for discovering Passives helps tankers, e.g. Ancient Stamina, Defence. -> This would be a Tanker-type TB.



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