Pockie Ninja Guide: Skill List and Builds

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Sealing Skills

Pockie Ninja Skills
Sealing Technique: It increases your Sealing Techniques and effects when learned and its a Passive Skill

Pockie Ninja Skills
Tailed Beast Heart
Skill Effect: randomly removes 1debuff.
Skill Attribute: Restore
Launch Timing: Before your action

Suggested: Mud Wall, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Chakra Blade, Eight Trigram Palm, Prayer, Sandstorm Array

Pockie Ninja Skills
Cursed Seal of Heaven
Skill Effect: Wield power of nature to increase skill level. Increased skill level cannot surpass the level of Cursed Seal of Heaven. Effect will vanish when Chakra is used up.
Skill Attribute: Auxiliary
Launch Timing: Activated on Combat
Duration: Ongoing

Suggested: Mud Wall, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Prayer, Pre-Healing Jutsu, Sandstorm Array, Gale Palm
Defence: Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Five Elements Seal

Pockie Ninja Skills
Five Elements Seal
Damage: 100% Basic Damage
Skill Effect: Forbid enemy from using five element ninjutsu.
Skill Attribute: Attack
Launch Timing: By yourself
Duration: 25 seconds

Suggested: Chakra Blade, Eight Trigram Palm, Pre-healing Jutsu, Mystical Palm Technique, Prayer, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Creation Rebirth, Death Mirage Jutsu, Mist-hide, Great Strength, Sandstorm Array, Mud Wall, Thunderbolt, Gale Palm
Defence: Cursed Seal of Heaven, Prayer, Tailed Beast Heart

Pockie Ninja Skills
Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Damage: 100% Basic Attack
Skill Effect: Reduce all damages and healings of the enemy by 70%
Skill Attribute: Attack
Launch Timing: By yourself
Duration: 25 seconds

Suggested:  Bloodboil, Sunset, Gale Palm, Creation Rebirth, Great Strength, Thunderbolt
Incompatible: Great Mud River, Giant Waterfall, Crystal Blade
Defence: Detonating Clay, Five Elements Seal, Substitution Technique, Tailed Beast Heart, Static Field, Sexy Technique, Snared



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