Pockie Ninja Guide: Skill List and Builds

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Water Skills

Pockie Ninja Skills
-Water Release: It increases your water skills and effects when learned and its a Passive Skill

Pockie Ninja Skills
Skill Effect:Chances to start counterattack preemptively. Longer the battle the chances increases and both side are immune to burning effects during the skill duration.
Skill Attribute: Field
Launch Timing: Activated at the beginning
Duration: Ongoing

Suggested: One Thousand Birds, Great Strength, Gale Palm, Quickstep, Prayer
Incompatible: Sunset, Fireball
Defence: Sunset

Pockie Ninja Skills
Giant Waterfall
Skill Effect: Stop enemy's attack and cause dizziness and Burning effect will stop when it hits the enemy!
Skill Attribute: Passive
Launch Timing: Before enemy moves
Duration:  6 seconds

Suggested: One Thousand Birds, Detonating Clay, Great Mud River
Incompatible: Sunset
Defence: Prayer, Static Field, Dead Demon Consuming Seal; Five Elements Seal

Pockie Ninja Skills
Crystal Blade
Damage: 100% Basic Damage
Skill Effect: Freezes the enemy. No movement can be made and no damage will be received during that period. Burning effect will stop when it hits the enemy!
Skill Attribute: Attack
Launch Timing: By yourself
Duration: 23 seconds

Suggested: Mud Wall, Detonating Clay, Great Mud River, Chakra Blade
Incompatible: Fireball
Defence: Prayer, Static Field, Five Elements Seal, Fireball

Pockie Ninja Skills
Skill Effect: Make yourself invulnerable temporarily and you will be safe from any attacks except Secret Technique.
Skill Attribute: Auxiliary
Launch Timing: Under attack
Duration: 9 seconds

Suggested: Chakra Blade, Death Mirage Jutsu, Sandstorm Array, Eight Trigram Palm, Mud Wall
Defence: Five Elements Seal



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