Pockie Ninja Guide: Skill List and Builds

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Healing Skills

Pockie Ninja Skills
-Healing Jutsu: It increases your healing jutsu and effects when learned and its a Passive Skill

Pockie Ninja Skills
Mystical Palm Technique
Restore: 11% of lost HP
Skill Attribute: Restore
Launch Timing: Under attack

Suggested:  One Thousand Birds, Great Strength, Gale Palm, Quickstep, Prayer
Incompatible:  Pre-Healing Jutsu (Due to chance % of it occurring together being low)
Defence: Eight Trigram Palm, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Chakra Blade

Pockie Ninja Skills
Pre-Healing Jutsu
Skill Effect: Restore 3% of HP before every action and it can relieve poisonous effect as well.
Skill Attribute: Restore
Launch Timing: After injury
Duration: End after 2 restoration

Suggested: Mud Wall, Sandstorm Array, Static Field, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Prayer
Incompatible: Mystical Palm Technique (Due to chance % of it occurring together being low)

Pockie Ninja Skills
Chakra Blade
Damage: 100% Basic Damage+Chakra loss 30%
Skill Effect: Reduce enemy's Chakra, the reduced amount is equal to 15% of your max HP
Skill Attribute: Attack
Launch Timing: Your attack

Suggested: Eight Trigram Palm, Mud Wall, Sandstorm Array, Prayer, Death Mirage Jutsu, Crystal Blade
Defence: Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Five Elements Seal, Prayer, Static Field

Pockie Ninja Skills
Creation Birth
Skill Effect: Rebirth, and restore 25% of the max HP.
Skill Attribute: Restore
Launch Timing: After character dies

Suggested: Balsam, Bloodboil, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Pre-Healing Jutsu, Sandstorm Array
Defence: Eight Trigram Palm, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Chakra Blade

You can only equip 6 skills at a time but 4 of them were lock and im not so sure if they will unlock it.

If your want to reset your skills, you need a Skill Reset Stone and you can get it by breaking a jar in Arena or Exploration outside the village and Angel City.

This guide is made by Sendoy (IGN: Sendoy, Server: Verdant Alley) and Concas(IGN: Killalong, Server: Verdant Alley) in the official forum. All credit give to them. Both of them are in Verdant Alley,



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