Pockie Ninja Guide: Some Tips for Valhalla

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Pockie Ninja

Have you ever tried the Valhalla in Pockie Ninja? Or do you still have some trouble in it? Here is a guide written by manofvictory from Official Forum. If you still have any problem in it, then just check this guide.

Oke first thing you dont do in valhalla is leave cause for every stage you clear you get stones and exp. Second is use skills that dont use to much chakra And don't forget there is always hope.

I will make my guide in 2 parts: the first part is for leaders the second for players.

First part: How to lead a valhalla

  1. Never go in things you cant beat(like you team is 1 lvl 38 1 lvl 36 and 1 lvl 37 that means you cant do crimson).
  2. Don't kick people you just wast a turn! Even if they are afk it doesn't matter if they are afk(and if you kick it will hurt both of you)
  3. Don't lead if you have lag and don't forget go to the next round
  4. Don't just let somebody fight think smart. if somebody have 80/140 hp and 0/100 chakra then don't let hem fight even if he is the strongest.
  5. Most of the time let the person whit the most chakra and most hp fight.
  6. And whit the final boss let the weakest person fight first then the middle then the strongest even if the weakest have 50 hp. The reason the boss is most of the time really strong and if you let the weak kill the first 2 then you can let the strongest kill the boss(don't forget it doesn't matter if you die you wont lose exp)
  7. And don't forget you must be nice to your team
  8. leaders you can always transfer leader so if you need to afk transfer, don't just leave your teammates there waiting.."

Second part: How to be a good valhalla player

  1. Never i say never leave a valhalla it just be a total waste of time and you people who want to get there rewards
  2. In team chat don't say mean things to the leader if its your fault for being weak(or having bad luck)
  3. Don't be so lazy you to need to lead some valhalla but if you have really big lag you better don't lead
  4. And if you make a team don't give other people the lead you made the team so you need to lead the team but if the want to lead and you don't you can give the lead.
  5. If you die one time don't leave you still in the game. You get every fight a bit of your charka and hp back
  6. never rush the leader because you can always afk
  7. Don't get angry if the leader only let you fight but if you have low hp or chakra and let you fight then you must get angry

Source: Strategies & Guides for in Valhalla by manofvictory



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