Pockie Ninja Guide: How to Raise Your 2nd Pet

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Pockie Ninja

It's a nice thing to own one pet in the game, so does Pockie Ninja. But did you ever think of getting one more pet while you try to raise the "perfect" pet you want? Here is a guide wrote by bakazero about how he did when he wanted to have on his 2nd pet from scratch. If you also want to have another pet, then just check below:

This is what I do to get all pet skills I want to have on my 2nd pet from scratch. Hope you stock a lots of pet food, because this is really take times and resource to get the "perfect" skills you want.

First, I prepared my pet to have 2-2-3 or 2-3-2 skill slot at +0. I tried to find my first 3 passive first (the un-buy-able or expensive one). Why? check the 3rd thread above. I used 1 pet skill lock to find the passive on each discovery, but you can use 3 pet skill locks to lock 2 skills, if you have much gold/coupons to do that.

After I got the passive skills exactly like I want, I tried to work on the aid skills. I tried to find 4 un-buy-able aid skills first at +6, just like the picture below. It's hard to maintain 4 pet skill slots with just 1 pet skill lock. You may need to lock 2 skills on each discovery to do this.

Pockie Ninja

This is why you'll need another pet, because there's no active aid skills yet that really help during battle on this phase. Different pet can be raised with different path, just plan what skills that you really want first.

Pockie Ninja

Upgrade it several times then i bought the attack and block skills, and put it on my last aid slot. You may try to find the advance aura at +9, but it gives you not much different boost than the elementary one. I can use my pet now. It's good enough to assist me on battle.

Pockie Ninja

After failed several times to upgrade, i got my final dragon+18, and put the buy-able skills on my passive. Thanks to the late event that give me common valhalla crystal, so I can buy 1 passive skill. Up until now, I still working to find the expert aura, so I'll using my old pet until then. Hope I'll find it soon.

Pockie Ninja

Last, this is my dream pet at +27. I wonder how many times do I need to upgrade it till I get it, lol. But it's really worthy to try. Please don't mind about the pet evolution picture :p



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