Pockie Ninja Guide: Bag Slot and Synthesis Dilemma

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Pockie Ninja

"What should I do with this items? My bag full of useful yet useless items now.. lol"

Sometimes we see someone or maybe ourself thinking or talking like this on in-game chat in Pockie Ninja. At least, there're two basic problem of this issue. Maybe it's because we don't have another bag slot, or we don't know what to do with those items. Here is a guide from written by bakazero, which is about how to deal with this problem. Just check below:

Pockie Ninja Screenshot

1st Solution: Buy Additional Slot Bag

Well, I don't want to think that my bag is a zoo like that picture, lol. So, buying additional bag is a must if u're someone who always stock/keep useful items for the future. Try to buy the 3rd slot bag for 188g, and if you still have some gold left, won't hurt if you buy the 4th slot bag too for 288g.

If you're addict jar smasher or wanna try to collect some outfit for your outfit collection, it's good thing to expand your wardrobe to until you can get 10-15 slots for your outfit.

2nd Solution: Item Grouping

Try to group some items with your creativity, synth them so you can group them. This example need two 1s as catalyst:

  • Synth hp/chakra bag, element potion and konoha to toad arcanum.
  • Synth pet food (21) to exp mark [1.6].
  • Synth pet food (23) with low satiety until you get pet food (23) with 180 satiety or watermelon (32)/little bean (32) to feed your pet.

Optional: You can synth exp mark [1.6] to pet food (32) / exp seal [2.0] if you gonna use it to create demon proofs (must have hand grenade). Keep any pet food (8) with 80 satiety is good to feed your pet too, but discard any pet food (8) with low satiety.

If you don't need pet(30), you can synth pet food (21), hp/chakra bag, or element pot with two pet(30). Or try to create demon proofs by synth: hand grenade + pet food (32) + pet(30). And you can use pet(40) like 3s so try to synth orange outfit, or even new 4s using it if you don't need pet(40).

What to do with 2s, 3s, or 4s gears?

Well, 2s is good to create demon proof or blue outfit, you can combine it with pet food (32) or enchanment stone (32) as catalyst.

If you need to keep any 3s or 4s as future catalyst on your bag, try to cycle it until you get an accessories item. So you can have more slot for another item on your bag. To cycle 3s item, synth: 3s + 1s + 1s, and to cycle 4s item, synth 4s + 1s/2s + 2s.

3rd Solution: Keep Unbound Items at Market.

If you're not gonna use any unbound 2s/3s yet, it's good thing to keep it on market. Just sell then withdraw it but don't claim it yet. Best if you already got high synth cost, and want to keep your bag from those slot-bag-eater items. Don't forget that you can't claim your items when the market on maintenance.

4th Solution: Put Gear or Talisman on Armory

Well it's kinda the most extreme solution, but if you need space on your bag, it won't hurt to do that. But don't forget your gears. lol

Note: (any-number) means the item synthesis value.

Source: Bag Slot and Synthesis Dilemma



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