Pockie Ninja Pet Tracing Guide

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Pockie Ninja

Pet tracing is like mini game in pockie ninja, this mini game get you some reward (all the reward is related to pet) such as : pet food, pet lock (for pet skill lock), pet egg.

Every player have 10 times tries a day, but the player must be level 18 at least to start pet tracing. 

How to do Pet tracing ?

1. Go back to town, then click on "Pet tracing" building.

2. You can see something like picture below.

Pockie Ninja

3. All that you must do : linking  as many as you can, use the rotate/chain/magnify too if you think that's a great way.

4.  Some explanation about :
a. Knob/Rotate : this function to rotate the arrow.
b. Spanner : this function to fix the broken arrow.
c. Magnifier : this function to see invisible arrow under the question mark card.

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