Pockie Ninja: Pet Food Guide

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Pockie Ninja

Synthesise for Pet food:

Medicine Synthesis Value Pet Feeding
Toad Arcanumn 29 180
Kohnoah Arcanumn 24 10
Large Potion 15 80

Large Potion+1s+1s= Kohnoah Arcanumn (Tested 6 times)

Kohnoah Arcanumn +1s+1s= Toad Arcanumn (Tested 6 times)

Toad Arcanumn +1+1= Toad Arcanumn (Tested 2 times)

Vagetable Synthesis Value Pet Feeding
Watermelon 32 330
Pepper 23 180
Walnut 23 180
Corn 8 80
Eggplant 8 80

Eggplant(8)+1s+1s =(23) Lobster, Pepper, Pizza, Chocolate (Tested 4 times)

Corn(8) +1+1s=(23) Lobster, Pepper, Pizza, Chocolate (Tested 3 times)

Corn/Eggplant(8)+0s+0s=(23) Cola, Bento, Fresh Beer,Rice Ball (Tested 3 times)

Pepper(lobster Pizza Chocolate)(23)+2s+2s=(32) Watermelon

Pepper(lobster Pizza Chocolate)(23)+1s+2s=(32) Magical Bean

Pepper(lobster Pizza Chocolate)(23)+1s+1s=(32) Watermelon / (23) Food (Tested 6 time)

Rice Ball (Cola, Bento, Fresh Beer)(8) +1s+1s= EXP Mark (28) (Tested 5 times)

EXP Mark+1s+1s=Roast Pig, Steamed Bun (anything food with 100 feeding points)(32) (Tested 4 times)

Roast Pig(steamed buns, Others)(32) +1s+1s = Steamed Buns, Roast Pig, EXP Seal and others (Tested 2 times)

The more of the same kind of food placed into the "Pet Kennel" you will receive about 10% bonus then it gradually decrease in percentage. (still unsure of the results think that every 3rd of the same 1 with increase by 2% lower then the set before)

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