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Pockie Ninja

By Kikyou1

The basics

1. To get to ninjapoly you must go to the main page > Then you click on the ninjapoly banner.

2. The first time you play you will get 100 free ryo.

3. To get additional Ryo you must do one of the following.

A) To get 30 free Ryos a day I recomend you get 250 liveness and wait 2 hours before claiming the Ryo. So it does not jiff you out of ryo or tell you that you do have not done enough liveness to claim.

B) By buying gold you can also get "free" ryo or think of it as an extra feature to buying gold. "Each exchange of 1 Golden Beans can grants you 5 Ryo. Ratio: 1 Golden Bean Exchange = 5 Ryo. Every use of 20 gold in the game will earn 1 Ryo." Quote by Ninjapoly.

C) Lastly you can buy Ryo buy using golden beans. 1 golden bean will buy you 50 ryo.

4. To get to Ryo claiming simple go to ninjapoly and go to the upper right section where there will be a blue bar that says "Get Ryo".

5. To play you must click the GO button next to chibi Jiraiya. Each roll will regularly cost you 10 ryo. You can walk from 1-6 steps depending on what side of the dice you roll.


1. There are 88 squares in the map. There are 10 jade steps, 10 Kisuke steps, 5 wings steps, 5 Tornadoes, 5 Gaaras, and the rest are regular steps (Excluding the final one).

2. What are this steps? Ill explain.

A) Jades: If you step on a jade step consider yourself lucky. You use them to buy things in the Kisuke shop. The more you save the better things you can get.

B) Kisuke: If you land on his step then you will get a random gift.

C) Wings: If you land on this steps then you will move a random amount of steps forward.

D) Tornadoes: This steps will randomly transport you anywhere in the game board. (Whether its to the end or the very begining) They can either be a blessing or a curse. E) Gaara: Gaara will move you a random amount of steps back.

3. Finishing the game, When you finish a round you will get 2 jades and a random prize. When you complete 3 rounds you will get 3 jades. When you complete 4 rounds or more you will recieve 4 jades. The random prize could be anything from a Darkwing dragon to a Sakura potion it is completly random.

4. According to rule number 8 in the ninjapoly official rules every 1000 player that completes a round will get 5 extra jades.

5. Prizes you win can be claimed in your personal bag, again this bar is located on the upper right hand corner of ninjapoly.


1. My first tip is always have at least 10 ryo saved up. This means to not spend that extra 10 ryo no matter what because you never know when something might pop up and you might need it.

2. Wait for a special event and hord your Ryo if you know a ninjapoly event is coming. That way you will have more rolls if you have to spend only 5 ryos compared to the 10 you would have to usualy spend.

3. I cant stress how important it is that once you get 250 liveness you wait at least two hours before claiming your ryos because a lag might occur and you might end up with less then 30 ryos.

4. This game is based on luck more then it is on strategy so i recommend you listen to a good song while playing. That way even if you aren't so lucky it wont get you down as much because you will be listening to good music.

5. Enjoy the game, it is a game and games are ment to be enjoyed after all.

Post message

1. If you have anything that would like to be added please let me know.

2. If I have made any mistakes in my spelling, grammar, or the guide it self please inform me and i will do my best to fix them.

3. Hope it helped, and keep in mind this is for people that need help with ninjapoly so those of you who already knew all this dont need to be rude.


1. Your Status

Pockie Ninja

2. The Menu Bar

Pockie Ninja

3. You

Pockie Ninja

4. The steps

Pockie Ninja

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