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Pockie Ninja

By: dragonkingdx

After trying my luck in this new system im sharing what i've found out so far. 

So its basically simple to understand, you throw dice and gain exp as well as growth points. The more growth points you have you will get bonus HP for your rank. This is based souly off of the pic from the Ch.9 hotfix page.

So to start ill show the ranking lvls:

Pockie Ninja Exam System

Hopefully eventually we can all reah a good lvl. 

So to start first click on the die pic at the top of your screen when in your home village

Pockie Ninja Exam System

It will open a window with the dice bowl. To start place your cursor over the bowl you sill see a hand when you do. You can roll 20 times per day.

Pockie Ninja Exam System

Next click and hold the mouse. You will then see a bar at the top fill from 0%-100%, this is how hard you will throw the dice. 0% being a weak throw 100% being a hard throw. Cant really say if the strength that you throw the dice does anything, although just for the sake of it I usually try to throw as close to 100% as I can. Note that you wont auto thorw the dice at 100% it will go back to 0% if it passes 100%, so you can wait a bit before throwing.

Pockie Ninja Exam System

Now the basic goal from what I understand is to get as many red markings on the dice as possible. From what ive seen more red markings mean more exp. The pic below supports this

Pockie Ninja Exam System

As for the other pics on the dice, I dont think there is any importance to them. Since i havent seen any change in the amounts of exp that you get from them.

Now you can increase the amount of red markings, by using the change luck option. It basically adds 1 more red marking die to your current outcome. You get 10 of these per day. Note that after you have 5 red markings the change luck option is useless since you will not get any more. Tried this function on my last roll, used all of them 7 of which were at 5 red markings. And from the 7 change luck choices on the 5 red markings I didnt get anything. So after that 5 marking limit I wouls stop.

Pockie Ninja Exam System

Now to explain growth at certain amount of red marking dice you get growth.

0-2 red markings achieves 0 growth

3 red markings get you 1 growth

4 red markins get you 3 growth

5 red markings get you 8 growth

Pockie Ninja Exam System

Note this guide is missing a few things such as 6 red markings exp and growth points. as well as what happens when you achieve a new rank. I only have 9 growth atm so I cant go farther today. As well as atm I dont understand what the cycle of rebirth option does. But ill just take a guess that it refreshes your change of luck chances. Im not sure about that, but it seemed like I can choose that option when my change of luck chances ran out.

Well hope this helps you maximize your growth so you can achieve a good rank.

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