Pockie Ninja: New Artisan Room Feature

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Pockie Ninja

By: Harpuia

Pockie Ninja Artisan Room

There are Two functions that the Artisan Room serves, Craftsman Distillation and Craftsman Force.

Craftsman Distillation:

This function allows you to increase the value of one stat in an equip by 1, by spending gold. It initially costs 50 gold and increases by 50 each time you increase the same stat.

Pockie Ninja Artisan Room

Pockie Ninja Artisan Room

Craftsman Force:

By using Craftsman Talismans

Pockie Ninja Artisan Room

we can now CHOOSE the stat that we want for our equips.

Pockie Ninja Artisan Room

Pockie Ninja Artisan Room

As you can see, I change the speed stat to a crit stat using one Craftsman Talisman.

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