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Pockie Ninja

By: Joeleeq

1. Impel Down

Impel Down is a recently released feature in Chapter 9 for level 61 and above. It's Hell version of Valhalla. But, you can just take it as you fighting GM tanker in your server.

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

Note: If you die in Impel Down, it have same consequences as dying in hand of normal monster, which is pay stones to revive and lost 5% exp or pay gold to revive without losing any EXP.

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

Auto-challenge works without any cost nor refill, the best feature in Impel Down but you will have to start manually first to clear the floors for auto challenge to work. You can refresh (back to floor 1 of that stage) 5 times per day for each stage, first time will be free and the other 4 times started at 100g and will increase 100g every refresh afterwards e.g. 300g at 2nd paid refresh. Impel don't refresh daily by itself but must use refresh function yourself. This can help you avoid the boss which you keep losing to and thus prevent you from dying. You could auto-sell the crystal. Eachblue crystal can be sold for 10k stones and 1 Spiritstones and purple can be sold for 30k stones and 3 spiritstones. Spiritstone is used for refining and locks. 

Rewards: Fixed amount of EXP of 10k EXP and 20k exp and goes on for every 2 stage and Soul Crystal. Soul crystal is used to embed into your weapon in zanpakuto system. 

2. Zanpakuto System

Note: If it appears 'Weapon Not Match' (the stats will be ineffective), please unequip or remove the weapon and equip it back to make 'Zanpakuto is activated' and thus, the weapon effects will take place.

i. Type of Soul Crystals and grades of stats

There are 2 types of SC, which is blue and purple crystal. Purple crystal obtainable in boss stage i.e. every 5th floor.  The purple soul crystal stat range is higher than blue soul crystal stat rangee.g. look at both block stat at below.

Type of Soul Crystal (look at color of picture or words when in backpack):

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System  Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

(Top: Purple SC. Below: Blue SC)(Helm Hammer: Purple SC. Others: Blue SC)(Hell: PurpleSC. Blazing: Blue SC)

There is grey stat, blue stat,green stat and purple stat in both blue crystal and purple crystal. Purple stat's max HP is more than blue,green or grey stat's max HP.

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

Purple stat is best, followed by blue stats, green stats and lastly worst grey stats.

ii. Backpack and Zanpakuto slots

a. Backpack slots

There are 8 soul crystal slots in the SC backpack and you further unlock the slots using gold. e.g. the 9th slot requires 10 gold to unlock.

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

b. Zanpakuto slots

Zanpakuto started with 1 slot and it will unlock additional one slot every stage you passed up to 6 slots. I've passed the 1st stage so I have 2 slots.

You can only insert soul crystal according to type of weapon and which part of the weapon. e.g. hell sword ridge, a purple soul crystal that can only be insert in 2nd slot (part) of Sword (type).

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

iii. Refining (and with locks)

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System  Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

You can refine for free 3 times per day and thereafter, it will cost 3 spiritstone (increasing by 3 per lock) or 10 golds and 5k stones (increasing by 5k per lock) to refine each time. Refining change your grade and type of attributes randomly just like gears e.g. green to purple or to grey if you unlucky. Each crystal can actually have 3 attributes. Initially, soul crystal only have one stat. You can unlock 2nd attribute for 10g and 3rd for 20 golds. 

Lock attribute cost spiritstones or golds unless you lock during free refine time. 

Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

Improve fight capability:

i. Get a higher level outfit, they are easy to be secret tech then.

ii. Use prayer, ddcs (not working against 3 monster), substitution, mudriver to avoid or reduce damage taken.

iii. In Impel Down, proc rate of skills is changed thus try your skills and know which is not working (e.g. ddcs, chidori, great str) and change them away.

Random Skill build (My skill build in Impel)

i. Normal Monster:

- Rebirth

- Crystal blade

- Mudriver

- Great Strength

- Quickstep

- Bomb

ii. Boss:

- CB

- Cursed Seal

- Mudwall

- Prayer/ Clay Bomb

- Bomb

- Rebirth


Pockie Ninja: Zanpakuto System

It is advisable do not open stats of Blue SC, you should only open Purple SC stats.

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