Pockie Ninja: How to Run Your Village

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Pockie Ninja

At first glance you would say, Wow this is a waste of my hard earned stone but trust me it pays itself off.

First: You should build a Warehouse. The Warehouse will increase your crop limit to 1500 and Give you 2 spaces to have items in.

Second: Wait until you are level 25 and upgrade your Village.

Third: Construct 2 Hatch Rooms and when done drag whichever egg you prefer from the egg menu onto the Hatch Room, each egg requires 300 crops.

Eggs can give you: Exp, Stones, and Medals... Exp is awesome and Stone pays you back what you spent, I don't hatch medal eggs.

You should activate the sun and rain weathers often and have your apprentices clean the weed for: Crops, Crop Bags, and Chests.

Pockie Ninja

Also, see the Edit Mode next to Exit Village? I suggest using that and placing everything next to each other to make as much room as possible.

Each egg takes 1 hour to hatch and I am currently hatching Level 5 Eggs which give 920 exp each. Once ready click the Egg and they are sent to your Warehouse, go there and use the egg.

I wish I had gold so I could make my village even better and have more room to construct more Hatch Rooms.

Hope this helps you guys. Have fun with your village

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