Pockie Ninja Guide: How to Get Tailed Beast Pets

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Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja Tailed Beasts skills was revealed on November 11.Soon these formidable tailed beasts will become your partner during combat and help you takes a giant leap up in power. So let's take a look at how to get your own loyal Tailed Beast! Don't miss !

Tailed Beasts Info

New Game Feature: Defense Against Tailed Beasts System

     - New scene in five villages - Kage's Hall (Building).
     - Honour Rankings for Defense Against Tailed Beasts.

Pockie Ninja

How to Participate
     - Go to the Kage's Hall Buidling and enter the five Kage meeting room.
     - Talk to the Ninja Troop Commander to open up some options.

Pockie Ninja

Depends on the time of the event, you can join the "Defense against Tailed Beasts".
     - Click on "What is Defense against tailed beast?" option to read more information.

     - If you have successfully entered the event, click the tailed beast which is attacking
a village to start your defensive strategies!

     - Reward items just by joining the defense against tailed beasts.
     - Special Titles with awesome stats.
     - Honour Rank Rewards

Get Your Own Tail Beast

Tail Beasts can be obtained from the following events or game items:

     - Example: Non-game related events like Retweets at the Pockie Ninja Main Site.

Tailed Beast Wishing Pot NEW!
     - One-Tailed
     - Three-Tailed
     - Four-Tailed
     - Five-Tailed
     - Six-Tailed
     - Seven-Tailed

S-rank Tailed Beast Wishing Pot NEW!
     - Two-Tailed
     - Eight-Tailed
     - Nine-Tailed

Heart of Tailed Beast Wishing Pot NEW!
     - Heart of Tailed Beast Gem
     - Heart of Shukaku
     - Heart of Nakomata
     - Heart of Isonade
     - Heart of Sokou
     - Heart of Houkou
     - Heart of Raijuu.


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