Pockie Ninja: How to Get Seal Breakers

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Pockie Ninja

Seal breaker is most wanted item,needed for open secret techniques scroll there are 4 type secret techniques scroll,c-rank secret technique need 1 seal breaker t, b-rank secret technique need 2 seal breaker to open , a-rank secret technique need 3 seal breaker to open o, s-rank secret technique need 5 seal breaker to open,

Pockie ninja How To Get Seal Breaker

now Seal Breaker only can buy on Mystery merchent for 2 gold, but if you VIP member you can buy it for 1 gold, you can buy one Seal Breaker every hour every mystery merchant appear, you must wait the mystery merhant move to another map then you can buy it, mystery merchant appear every 1 hour in random map

here is precious s-rank secret technique scroll reward

Pockie Ninja

there are so many precious reward peerles weapons, exquisite ring, s-rank outfit kyuby naruto , +27 orange outfit wishing pot , +21 pet wishing pot, 1000 gift coupons pack, 500,00 stone bag, thats all reward very useful in your adventure and make you stronger

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