How to Get KaKaShi Notebooks for Non-gold Users

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By: Hichigollow

if non gold users want to get 455 kakashi books then heres how you can get it, however it is a very lengthy process. Invest your 200 movement into slots only, use 3 things to regain movement speed *limit 3 per day*. do you 2 free lucky draws at tsunades pub you still have a chance to recieve 5 kakashi books if you land on it. Do all 10 bounty quests rare chance to get 1 from the collecting bounty.

First off the places that are known as of now to recieve kakashi books are as follows:

You can get them from tsunades pub, when you land on them on regular you can recieve 5 kakashi books.

You can also recieve them from giftpacks aswell.

You can recieve them from bounty quests but they are more rare then getting slot talismans from them.

You may also recieve them from slots rarer then a 4s. Not sure if higher level slots have better chance or not its unknown.

You can redeem them or snatch them up with sign-in points. redeeming is 560 sign in points, snatch up is 280 points.

Edit: It may be possible to recieve from demon bosses, and exploration, and valhalla. Not yet proven if possible or not will update if it is if it can be verified.

How to use:

First off start by left clicking on the locked skills

Pockie Ninja Kakashi Notebooks

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once you do that the box will appear to open it.

Pockie Ninja Kakashi Notebooks

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Requirements to open 1st slot are:

5 kakashi notebooks, and it stays valid for 10 days.

Pockie Ninja Kakashi Notebooks

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Requirements for slot 2:

25 kakashi notebooks also it stays valid for 20 days.  *note once this 1 opens during the time period of slot 1, slot 1 remains opened permenantly

Pockie Ninja Kakashi Notebooks

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Requirements to open slot 3:

125 kakashi notebooks, also valid for 30 days. *note if you open this during skill 2s slot time period skill 2's slot becomes permanent*

Pockie Ninja Kakashi Notebooks

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Requirements for slot 4:

300 kakashi notebooks, this slot stays open for 3,650 days/permanent, *note if you open this slot during slot 3's time period slot 3 becomes permanently open, aswell as slot 4.

Pockie Ninja Kakashi Notebooks

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To open all slots the minimum required number of kakakshi notebooks is 455, its wise to get 455 kakakshi notebooks then open all skills at once. I made this so people would stop asking where to look what to click,etc,etc. Hope this helps 

Add: The time it may take a free user to obtain 455 kakashi notebooks at minimum would be this. If you were to only obtain from sign in at 280 for seize amount would take 127,400 sign in points, which would take roughly 42 months and 5 days minimum thats alot o_O. Thats only if you do sign in and get seize at half price. Now If you do 10 bounty quests, only the 1's that give rewards you got a 8% chance every time to recieve kakashi notebook, 2% chance to recieve from slots at area level 61-96 required, 1% from area level 16-56, also note you can recieve 5 kakashi books from sign-in accumalted days normally 10 or 15 per month, and you can get between 5-15 from log-on certain times if on list. So if you do slots for 200 movement everyday, 10 bounty quests everyday, tsunades pub 2 free times everyday, sign-in every day, and log-in right times every time it has kakashi notebook's it is possible to to recieve 455 in 6 months that is at the edge of to minimum, but statisticly its possible so there is a chance around 18% in 6months, 48% in 8 months, 87% in 1 year, 92% in 1 year and 2 months, and 100% in 1 year and 4 months. Note Just cause 100% is in 1 year and 4 months doent mean it will take that long, just a gurantee if you do everything i said everyday. It is possible to achieve 455 at 18% if your really lucky.    Be happy I left out the extremely long formula it took me over an hour to 100% get exact for time wise of a free user, so be glad i didnt post it xD i just said exactly how when and %.   Comment if this helps you :)

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