Pockie Ninja: How to Get and Use Purifying Stones

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Pockie Ninja

The purpose of Purifying stones is to upgrade the level of your outfit without needing to have other outfits, it also gives you a 100% success rate.

For now, the only way to obtain purifying stones is through events.

Pockie Ninja

You must have 2 Purifying stones for this to work!

Use in your quick synthesis window, just like you would normally use when upgrading outfits!

Use the corresponding formula:

  • FOR OUTFIT LEVEL 0-10: Outfit 0-10 + Low purifying stone + Low purifying stone
  • FOR OUTFIT LEVEL 11-20: Outfit 11-20 + Medium purifying stone + Medium purifying stone
  • FOR OUTFIT LEVEL 21-30: Outfit 21-30 + High purifying stone + High purifying stone

please note that attention has been brought to the fact that while the announcement says that the stones work for 0-10, 11-20, 21-30; the actual stones themselves may say that they work 0-11, 11/12-21, and 21/22-31.


For example:

White Ulq+2 + White Ulq + Low purifying stone = (probably) Unsuccessful

Low purifying stone + Hollow Ichigo+7 + Low purifying stone = UNSUCCESSFUL

Hollow Ulq+13 + low purifying stone + low purifying stone = (possibly) %?! CHARACTER

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