Pockie Ninja: How to Create and Manage Team at Valhalla

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Pockie Ninja

Many people tend to wait invitation when he/she is going to do Valhalla dungeon. But actually, become a leader means more chance get loot items. Because it requires more effort and knowledge. But don't worry, here is the basic knowledge that Pockie Ninja players should know.

Invite Team Member

When you are in Valhalla, you'll see two menus on the right of the screen. The bottom menu is used to request entry into the team, while the top menu is used to invite others to join your team. You can win Valhalla Hard Camp with three people level 21+ in your team. So choose wisely your teammate. Always ask people who joined your team whether he/she is gonna do the same dungeon with you.

Pockie Ninja

Switch Team Member

If one of your member get low of HP/Chakra, switch him/her down so he/she can regain some HP/Chakra for the next battle.

Pockie Ninja

When he/she got full HP/Chakra, you can switch him/her back to the top if you want to, or switch another person.

Pockie Ninja

When you master this switch skill, then you'll have more chance to win at any dungeon. It come very handy when one of your teammate suddenly gone (maybe it's because bad connection).

Change Team Leader

You can change leader when you tired. First, ask someone in your team who wants to be a leader. Then click the "refresh like" button to change leader before fighting another monster.

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