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Pockie Ninja

You see Speedsters everywhere. They stack speed and they play as the 4th Hokage or Yoroichi. And in battle you never, ever get a turn, and all you do is watch them beat on you senselessly (not that you ever get any control of your character). They laugh as they watch replays and they think of the ragefaces you put on. How do we deal with these guys?? See this guide from

It’s quite simple. Punish them. Make it so that next time they will think twice about getting lucky and Quickstepping 4 times in a row. The Punisher is a type of build that “punishes” the opponent for trying to get a hit in. Here is one type of Punishers, called the “Survivability” build.

Pockie Ninja

Pros and Cons of the Punisher:


  • You do not need many turns to kill the opponent; in fact the more turns the opponent gets, the better. Excels at defeating Speedsters.
  • Durability. Hard to kill.
  • Make your enemies hate themselves.
  • Sustained damage.
  • Troll the majority of players, especially high ranked ones.
  • Turn your enemies’ luck against them.


  • Very little burst damage.
  • If against another slow player, reduces the effectiveness of your skills.
  • Works better if you have a higher level than the enemy (More HP)

The “Survivability” Build

The “Survivabilty” build focuses around durability and outlasting your opponent.


Males - White Ulquiorra (Blue) or Hollowfied Ulquiorra (Orange) if you have the stones.

Females – Kuroshitsuji Nemu (Grey) or Inoue Orihime (Orange) if you have the stones.

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Why – As a Punisher you want to get as much Stamina as you can, as it increases your max HP. Ulquiorra has the best Stamina for males, and is also a Healing Master. Girls are actually the best Punishers (ironic, no?). Nemu, a grey outfit, can be acquired at the start, and is easier to upgrade than an orange or blue. Nemu, who is currently the top ranked player on the Flowerflow River server, mains her.


Earth Tribe

Why – Simply because it gives a passive increase to defense.


Stamina > Great Strength > Dodge >Block > Crit

Why – Stamina increases your max HP ( and chakra), Great Strength increases the dmage dealt by your attacks, Dodge increases the chance for you to take 100% reduced damage and no effects applied, Block increases the chance for you to take 50% damage, Crit increases the chance for you to execute a critical attack, 250% of the normal damage.


Dead Demon Consuming Seal – ****/5 – Seal Type

100% of attack damage

Effect: Reduces the damage dealt and healing dealt by the target by 70%. Duration: 25 seconds. Can only applied once.

28% chance to cast on attacking.

Why – You what annoys Speedsters the most? When they blow their luck on a combo of quicksteps, only to deal 30% of the damage they could be doing. RAAAAAGE~ I think this is better than Static Field, because it lasts longer against a Speedster. Static Field is better when you use other Thunder skills.

Windstorm Array – *****/5 – Wind Type

144% of attack damage

22% chance to cast on being attacked. NOTE: Doesn’t matter whether you receive any damage or not.

Why – One of the two best skills a Punisher could have. Every time your enemy tries to attack you, you have a chance to smack ‘em back for A LOT of damage. And trust me, if you are up against a Speedster, they’re gonna try to hit you plenty of times. This is gonna make them pray a little every time they try to move against you.

Puppet – *****/5 – Ninja Item Type

100% attack damage (on additional attack)

Effect: Applies a Poison that deals damage to the target every time they make a move. Duration: 60 seconds. Can only be applied once per battle.

33% chance to cast after attacking. (It is an additional attack like Gale Palm and Thunderfall)

Why – The king of all Punisher abilities. This is the definitive skill for Punishers. Every time your enemy tries to make a move, they will get hurt. It’s only a little damage, but against a Speedster, it builds up very fast. This ability punishes the enemy for using quickstep after quickstep. Laugh as your opponent slowly kills himself. EDIT: To add to this awesomeness, the damage of poison also bypasses any damage mitigation such as DDCSeal or Static Field! Thanks chrisuf!

Detonating Clay – ****/5 – Earth Type

Effect: Applies a bomb to your opponent that detonates after 11seconds, dealing the total amount of damage the target received during that interval.

24% chance to cast before attacking.

Why – “WTF Silver, u nubcayks. Dis iz fer Speedsters and Damagerz. GTFO nub, tanks don’t do damage!!” Well Kaiba-boy, the thing is, I don’t need any turns to do any damage. They can quickstep all they want, but they will just slowly kill themselves, and after 11 seconds take the same amount of damage again. L2Fight fire with fire.

Pre-healing Jutsu – ***/5 – Healing Type

Heals for 3% of Max HP

Effect: In addition to the 3% initially healed, applies a buff that heals for 3% of Max HP every time you make an action. Duration – 2 Heals. Can be applied 3 times per fight.

27% chance to cast after being attacked.

Why – A healing ability that doesn’t require you to take any turns, and lets you survive through your opponents’ quicksteps. Each cast heals for a total of (% of your MAX HP and can be casted 3 times for a total of 27% minimum. This amount should be increased for any Healing Specialties (which you should have for being Nemu or Ulquiorra). EDIT: Actually, the passive increase from masteries only affects the initial heal. If this is a turn off for you, feel free to swap this for another healing spell, such as Creation Rebirth or Mystical Palm Technique. Thanks chrisuf!

Prayer – ****/5 – Water Type

Effect: Provides immunity to all spells (except poisons and bleeds). Can only be applied once per battle 28% chance to cast on being attacked.

Why – YOU ARE INVINCIBLE FOR 9 SECONDS. I think the question is “why not?” YOu still take damage from poisons and bleeds tho.


Creation Rebirth, instead of Pre-Heailng Jutsu - Chance to revive on death, but the chance decreases over time. Pre-Healing Jutsu was only chosen because it increases a survivability by a little.

Substitution, instead of DDCSeal – Raises chance to dodge, making the opponents miss. This works well, especially if you stack Speed/Agility and Dodge.

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