Pockie Ninja: Guide to Merchanting

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Pockie Ninja

By: ItsCHR0My

In this guide, we will be using the Trade Market as our main source of income of stones/gold.

Trade Market Requirements: Lv.25+

Pockie Ninja

Before you literally jump right in, you want to look around and keep a good eye out for what people want, need, and whats popular. An example would be Pet food. Go into the Trade Market and look for items like 'Candy Floss' find them for really low prices like, 500 Stones.

When you find that Buy all the Crops that are lower than 1,300 Stones. I recommend 'Testing' your item first. So what your gonna do is buy 1 item for 1-1,300 stones (try to look for items that are already out on the market)

Once you have an item, Resell it back to the Trade Market for more than what you bought it for. (Most of all Crops go from 3,000-5,009 Stones).

Now you have to figure in the Trade Market time cost, say you put you item out for 24 hours, that's 532 Stone fee. You know this, now figure that into your price. For the profit you want you'll probably have to put it on TM for 3,800-5,009. Add this in and you can still make a handsome profit!

I'm going to lead you through an example.

Look in the TM at the 'Pet~Crop' section. I see someone selling 'Candy Floss' for 500 stones. BUY IT!

Now go to the 'Trade Warehouse' and claim the item you just bought. Now go to 'Want to Sell' Find your item and sell it to the Trade Market for 3,250 Stones for 12 hours. DISPLAY IT!

Now wait until the item/s buy and now you've just made your first successful merch! SOLD IT!

In the end you end up selling the Candy Floss for 2,800-3,000 stones, making a fantastic 2,300-2,700 Stone profit!

Same with Gold offers! Buy NameCards 1-3G ea sell 5G ea!

Just reapply your newly leaned skills of merchanting with stones to merchanting with gold! GOOD LUCK!

~You can do this with anything that's in high demand, buy low, sell high.~

Hope you guys make tons! i know you will! just stick with it, in the long run, you'll make thousands!

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