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Pockie Ninja is a fun game with tons of content that you can do to make your Pockie Ninja character stronger in game. It is hard to keep track of all the little things that you can do to enhance the abilities of your Pockie Ninja. This guide is written to help those beginner and intermediate players who want to take their Pockie Ninja gameplay to the next level. By following all of the tips mentioned in this guide, you will be able to become stronger in game and win more duels and arena battles. With stronger ninja, you will also be able to level up faster and obtain more rare items in game. If you wanna find more Pockie Ninja guide, you can visit to our Pockie Ninja Special Zone.

Select and Powerup Your Outfits

Understanding the difference between different Pockie Ninja outfits is key to make your Pockie Ninja winnings. The bottom line and simple way to increase the power of your Ninja suit is to obtain the higher level ninja suits that is orange or higher. And upgrade them as high as possible that your level can still equip and use the Pockie Ninja suits.

The advanced strategy is that you should use the suits along with the skills that you want to utilize. For example, if you like a certain element release of the Pockie Ninja skills. You should get the Pockie Ninja outfits that match with the release element of the skills that you want to use. Different ninja suits offer certain percentage increase to the skills that you choose to use.

Another part that comes hand in hand is the equipment stats selection. Different Pockie outfits will make differences to the power of the gears stats they offer you. For example, based on the stats of your gears, one outfit might offer you additional attack while another would offer you additional agility and speed. This makes possible the different Pockie Ninja builds. You should put everything all together to bring out the strongest strength of your Pockie Ninja strategy and combat pattern.

Boosting Your Pockie Ninja Gear and Equipment

There are many methods in which you can utilize to increase the strength and power of your Pockie Ninja items. Use all of these methods to obtain the strongest gears possible for your Pockie level. By able to boost your gears completely using all different methods and ways, you will gain an edge over your opponents in Pockie Ninja. Read Guide to Pockie Ninja gears for more detailed descriptions of these methods.

The basic idea for increase and strengthening your gears are as followed:
"Enhance" to increase gear stats.
"Refine" to randomly roll equipment statistics.
"Enchant" to imbue different Pockie Ninja enchantment stones power into gears.
"Slot and Embed" to added gem's power into your gears.
"Engrave" to protect your stats from being rolled away in "Refine".

For the advanced strategy, you want to align the equipment's stats with the strength of your Pockie Ninja outfit. For example, if the ninja suit gives you more power from attack and strength, you should build upon that and focus on the attack and strength part of your gears.

Raising and Become Stronger with Pockie Ninja Pets

The Pockie Ninja pets system is another method to increase the battle power of your Ninja toon. You want to raise your pet and synthesis them into higher level. The basic idea is that you should start with the strong pet, and upgrade them as high as they can be. Slot on some of the strongest skills that they can handle. Do all of this while at the same time put it together with the strengths of your ninja person. You will be able to enhance to damage you can do greatly while in Pockie Ninja fights.

Power of Bloodline and Bloodsoul System

The proper use of the Pockie Ninja bloodline limit and bloodsoul system can propel your Ninja's power to another level. Fully use the discover chances of your bloodsouls. Select the bloodsouls that can further increase your Pockie Ninja builds. Remember to equip the bloodsouls so that you can take advantage of the bonus stats that they offer for your game play.

You can further powerup your bloodline limit by praying and using your blood souls to boost its battling power.


Above mentioned are all the possibilities on how you can make you in game character stronger. Remember to go through each of these categories and plan out your Pockie Ninja building strategy is the key to having the strongest possible character in game. Please leave any comments if you have any additional Pockie information or strategies that you would like to add.



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