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Here is a guide about the Pockie Ninja,A Guide for Pockie Ninja (For Non-Gold Users) in Pockie Ninja. Thank Anixian who posted it on If you have any problem about it, just check below:
An Introduction
Hello, if you are like me you have found yourself addicted to the game Pockie Ninja. While this is a great free MMORPG it also is geared toward people spending money to play. I myself cannot afford to buy Gold(the currency in the game that requires real money) so all I have is stones and coupons. I have read a lot of guides on Pockie Ninja but they are all for "Pro" players or "Gold-Users". While they were some what helpful I decided to help my fellows poor people out and do my own guide. This guide will give you all the "tips" and "tricks" to have a very powerful 40TH level character. After level 40 things slow way down if you are not a "Gold-User". So I hope this is helpful and be sure to leave a comment or ask me anything you want.

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Choose Wisely
We will start from the beginning, first choose your character, then decide what Village you want to be from. For the purpose of this guide I am going to become Aizen. Since Aizen is an Illusionist the Village I choose will decide the secondary innate abilities. Since I will be creating a Speedy Dodger I will be choosing the Wind Village. I will not go into all the different builds for characters in this guide. Do some research before starting your character because you only get to choose you Village once. This is a very useful link if you are an absolute beginner.
V.I.P. Card
As soon as you have decide what kind of ninja you are going to play and have made it through the tutorial go back to the main website and claim your Newbie Gift Box. The only item you will use right away will be your V.I.P. card. This will give you bonus xp, extra exploration tries, and extra arena tries. After you have activated you V.I.P. card start doing quest. Do not buy anything or use any coupons yet (you can use (you can use coupons to complete certain quests). Do not do arena challenges either. You can open the Newbie Gift Box and equip any useful equipment. You can use the healing capsules if need be. Do not use any of the food or exp markers you will need theses later.

pockle ninja

Colored Lucky Jar Quest
While doing quest you will come across the Colored Lucky Jar Quest. Do not complete this particular quest until I mention it later on in the tutorial.

Mall Item quest
When you come across this quest you can buy whatever you choose but I always buy a pet egg. Its a little pricey but I think its worth it in the long run.

Los Noches and Vahalla Quests
Do not do these 2 quests till after you have reached level 15. You can do the first Los Noches and Vahalla quest but wait to do the second ones. The second quest in each you actually have to fight people so wait till you are strong enough.
What to Use and What Not to Use.
When you get the level 10 Gift Pack you can use the Carrier Bags and equip any useful equipment. You can equip the Toad but it is pretty much useless at this point. Save the Demon Proof you will need it for a Quest. Save the Slot Creation you wont use it for a long time. Save the Watermelon as well. Continue doing Quest and be sure to claim you time Gift Boxes along the way.

pockle ninja

Claim Bounty Quest
At level 11 you will gain access to Bounty Quest. Be sure to complete these every day if you have the time. If you complete all 20 (the allotted amount per day) you will get a good medal bonus at the the end of the week. Also its a good way to get the 190 score in your ninja diary. That will help you get coupons in the higher levels. I don't worry about the name card, mysterious ore, or demon part quest. These cost a lot of stones and time to complete. If you are lucky enough to acquire the items needed for the aforementioned quests complete them just don't stress over them. I use the auto-complete (not the instant-complete) for the demon elimination and collect foreign materials quests.

Lots of Goodies from Exploration
You will also have access to outdoor exploration. This is one of the things I say to use coupons on. Once you get to level 31 you will use coupons to refresh your daily tries. You can obtain lots of use full items from outdoor exploration. Even if you use coupons to hurry your daily tries most items you will get are well worth the 1 coupon you spend to get them.

On a side note I always choose the second card in. It might just be me but I seem to have better luck if I choose the same card every time.

pockle ninja
Level 15 Now What to Do?
Once you hit level 15 you can begin synthesising. This will be the key component on your way to a more powerful character. The first thing I will show you is how to get your first Orange Suit. Assuming you have followed my instructions and not used anything that you would have acquired on your way to level 15 you should have everything neccessary to complete this task.
Your First Orange Suit.
First let me explain that since we are not using Gold you will not be able to synthesize any of the "rare" or "s-ranked" outfits. These outfits are cool and all but very hard to level up. So being a stone user don't get your hopes up. Just stick with the base suits and you will be just fine. Now in order to get the first suit you will follow this recipe. You will also use this recipe in the future to create more Orange Suits to level up the Orange Suit you have chosen.

pockle ninja

The first step is to open up your synthesis screen. Do this by opening your backpack and on the side you will see several tabs. Click on the one that says synthesis. Take the 5 blue exp markers that you received from your Newbie Gift Pack and place them in the first slot. Then in the 2 catalyst spots you will place a 1 stat item (1s). This is any piece of equipment with one stat such as, HP +10. You should have some of these but if you run out just got to the item shop and buy some. Once everything is in place click the Synth Now button on the bottom of the Synthesis screen.



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