Pockie Ninja: Gearing and Stats Build

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By: Joeleeq

Gearing have 6 main areas: Stats, Gold stat of weapon, Refinement/Engravement, Gem,  Enchantment, Enhancement + Inscription + Extraction.

A. Stats

  • AB - Reduce opponent's defence thus you can deals more damage. Once above opponent's defence, your damage will undergo tremendous increase in damage up to 3x. A guide have been made by nalis which shows an upward curve at around 900 above opponent's defence generated 3x. (Pockie Ninja: Defense Reduction/-Def AB Plot in Progress ). Less useful against tanker. Normally used by punisher and speedster.
  • DEF - This damage reduction will keep increase but at lower rate as it increases. DEF formula = Damage Reduction(%) = (Def/11)/(1.25+(0.01*(Def/11))). This is a confirmed formula, try it if you don't believe.
  • BLOCK - When you blocked, you will get extra turn with a 52% damage reduction. The % = BLOCK/1600*100%. Can be reduced by PIERCE. STR gives BLOCK as well.
  • DODGE - This is one of the most annoying stat where you can avoid opponent attack. The % = DODGE/1600*100%, same like BLOCK. Can be reduced by HIT. AGI gives DODGE too.
  • CRIT - An emerging stat where you will deals more and more damage as you pump it and higher proc rate. Same like BLOCK and DODGE, the rate was CRIT/1600*100%. The damage multiplier formula is 2.3 + (CRIT/15)*0.02. Can be reduced by Constitution but Constitution only reduces 2/3 of CRIT instead 1:1 ratio like HIT and PIERCE. This makes CRIT appears to be a more advantageous stat but CRIT amount is lower than BLOCK/DODGE in gears,pets,etc. thus CRIT will have lower rate (%).
  • NOTE: Most people try avoid Max Chakra because it really useless.
  • When you started stats build, you will need to refine to the nearest best of your stat build needs. For example, dodger will try procure dodge as gold stat.
  • The 4th stat,which is a gold stat, is much better than the other normal 3. Valhalla gold stat is slightly lower than normal armor's gold stat but Valhalla have extra stat when you collected a set, becoming like 5s.
B. Gold stat of weapon
  • Weapon is the only one which will give gold stat % on dodge, defence, armor break, critical, block, etc.
  • This is the most vital gold stat in stats building because of max 22% will have huge increase on your focused stats.
C. Refinement/Engravement
  • Using 8 GC or refining talisman (Valhalla), you can change the stat randomly. If you lucky, you might get the stats you like but from experience, it rarely happens and the funniest scenario is always 3 stats you want and suddenly appears a max chakra % LOL.
  • To make such scenario less likely to happen, there is an engravement system, where you can lock the stats with 198 gold. GC is unusable in engraving.
  • Don't cheated by 100% syn rate when you inserted engrave crystal. From what I read from UchiaItachi, 13 crystals is 100% for normal stats not the gold/4th stat. 4th stat need 17 crystals.
D. Gems
  • Gem is the one will make you much stronger. You should use the gem with +STR/AGI/STA if you have BMV of 11 or lower instead of %-based. The gem that should be used is the lowest BMV of your outfit, then only you can derive maximum benefits.
  • The best gem will be lvl 71 TB heart which can only obtained from event or Ninjaopoly. It has the same stat as lvl 91 normal gems.
  • Normal gem can be synthesised. You should start from Level 3 gem + 2 same type of Level 1 gem. Possible ways to get normal gem is Mall (8GC), Demon boss and Exploration. TIPS: You can buy from TM other type of gem and + 2 0s/1s equipment from shop to syn it into your type.
E. Enchantment 
  • There are 4 types of enchantment stones : Normal (Exploration/Demon Boss), Valhalla Enchantment (Redeem from Valhalla NPC using Valhalla crystal from Abyss run), Enchantment Stone Wishing Pot (28 jades in Ninjaopoly) and 88 jades Soul stones.
  • In case, you get useless enchantment stone bound, you can use it synthesized demon proof of suppression (DPS) because it have 32 syn value.
  • The stones other than normal ones are started from Level 51 so at lower levels, we use normal ones. But, even at higher level, we don't really have much crystal to exchange for enchantment stones.
F. Enhancement + Inscription + Extraction
  • Enhancement and Inscription have maximum 16 levels.
  • Enhancement adds HP while inscription adds DEF or ATT.
  • Inscription however can fails and drop to safety levels. Safety levels are level 4,8 and 12 of inscription. 4 to 8 is easier so you can try spam 1 low to get 1 to 7 then put 3 advance to 8. To get to 12, you can try put 1 low to 9 and 3 low to 10 and 3 advanced to 11 and 12.
  • If you can see, these 2 systems favors tankers actually, HP and DEF is tanker's main stat build. This makes tankers a lower cost build to play.
  • They recently introduced an extraction system where you can get back enhancement and slot creation talisman according to what level of equipment. So, even if you created slot and enhance with level 7/8 you won't get that back but according level. Inscription giveback is special because you get advanced inscription talisman in return. So, you can actually convert low to advanced using this system.

Our next pitstop is STATS BUILD. Stats builds is the way you focus your stats on. E.g. some people pump their AB in AB build. (NOTE: What I written below ignoring Kurodo and Manda because of rarity)

A. AB Build

  • Pump AB to around 1800 will be dealing 3x as normal players won't have that much of defence.
  • Good for speedsters who don't possess much damage.
  • Punishers will be able to kill tankers more easily.
B. Dodge Build
  • It's a rising annoying trend with a lot of dodger speedster. They believe dodge is better than defence, which I agreed to be true. High defence you can still get damage and defence damage reduction rate increase at lower rate as you continue pumping defence while dodge is totally get no damage. 1600 dodge is virtually 100% dodge (it seems some 1.6k dodge get hit once too) but many gold users dodgers have taken to new level with 2k+ dodge which is almost impossible to hit. Everyone needs to get hits nowadays as dodgers getting popular.
  • There is also dodger tankers which makes them rarely die. Possessing a ultra high defence and HP with dodge, it can makes them immortal but due to their focus on STA instead of AGI, it makes them having lower dodge and thus easier to get hits. I suggests that lower DEF is OK but lower Dodge is not OK when you pursues this build. 78 Dodge makes more difference than 130 DEF (Max gold stat at lvl 80+).
C. Block Build
  • I'm a block build punisher myself and I can tell you it's useful against speedster if only you block at round 1. If not, you will mostly die against powerful speedster. But, it can be rebut because I only have 700 block currently.
  • Block build is a good choice for tanker and punisher. I recommend that block should be added by tanker once their defence have reached 730 above highest AB user.
  • Punisher have a natural advantage due to STR increases Block.
  • Some rare speedster they try to have a bit of block to get extra turn while reduce damage too.
  • Another advantage will be rarely people have pierce. So, block till you are happy with it.
D. CRIT Build
  • This is a good build especially when constitution only reduces 2/3 of CRIT.
  • Normally, people don't have constitution so it makes it a powerful stat. Speedster can have CRIT high up because Speedster have the speed to get more hits on CRIT rather than one hit of punisher.
  • Punisher with a high CRIT and AB can easily one hit KO speedster or few hits KO a tanker.
E. DEF Build
  • A build all tankers have and as well punishers to cope the fierce attack of speedsters.
  • Tankers will just pump defence cut down AB and receives low damage while heals a lot.
  • Punishers even have power to kill speedsters easily they still need to withstand speedster stun/paralyze skill to have chance to hit speedsters.

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