Pockie Ninja Gaara Build Guide

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Pockie Ninja

Gaara have Earth Release Skill passives so it very ideal for Earth village,This village was made for tanking and reflecting damage. Gaara hails from this village and he’s the king of tanking. You might see quite often that speedsters will die on their own turns.


Recommeneded Stats: Stamina, Def, Great Strength, Dodge, Block

    Skill Build
  • Mudwall/Substitution
  • Claybomb
  • Prehealing Jutsu/Mystic Palm
  • Windstorm Array
  • Puppet
  • Static Field/Prayer

Mudwall is a great defensive skill reflecting damage back to your attacker. Only take substituion if Mudwall isn’t available. Claybomb is great to deal a large ammount of damage when your opponent takes repeated damage from your counter skills. Prehealing or Mystic palm is great for survivability purposes to keep you alive longer but I suggest you take Prehealing over Mystic Palm since the heal from MP sucks at the start of the fight. Windstorm Array is a great counter skill that deals awesome damage when it procs. Puppet is there to deal damage over time since you won’t be dealing too much damage on your own turn. Static Field/Prayer is another survival skill. Use Prayer over Static Field when fighting against stunners/speedsters.

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