Pockie Ninja Guide: Enhance Bloodline Limits with Bloodsouls and Pray

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In Pockie Ninja, inherited Bloodline Limits can be activated through your Backpack window. A new Bloodline Limit icon will appear in your character's portrait. Click to open the Bloodline Limit Window similar to the screenshot below.

Pockie Ninja Screenshot

- Activating Bloodline Limits -

Before you can enhance anything, you need to inherit Bloodline Limits first.

Refer here if you don't have one yet: Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Bloodline Limit Guide

Pockie Ninja Screenshot

Bloodline Limits must also be activated first before it's attributes takes effect!

Choose up to 3 Bloodline Limit.

Bloodline Limit can enhance player's ability via Bloodsoul's Soulbound.

Warning! Excessive Bloodline Limit can be forgotten. You need to interact with NPC again to inherit the Bloodline Limit after forgetting.

- Bloodsouls -

Click on Soul button to start discovering!

Bloodsoul will enhance your power after bound to the Bloodline Limit.

There's a level restriction for binding Bloodsoul.

Dicover Bloodsoul

You can discover Bloodsoul for free several times a day.

You can also choose to discover using Discover Talisman or Gold.

The interface will just show 3 slots for Bloodsouls but you can actually discover more!

Discover has CD (Cooldown) time.

Click on the Bloodsoul and select Soulbound to bound it to your Bloodline Limit.

Warning! bound Bloodsouls can't be taken back unless you have Soulsplit Blade!

You can also get Bloodsouls at the Ninja Trial.

Removing Bloodsouls

Bloodsoul can be removed after being bound by using Soulsplit Blade to take it back.

On the other hand, Bloodsouls will disappear after being cleared!

Refine Bloodsoul

There are various types of Bloodsoul with different attributes.

Bloodsoul can be converted to another type after refining.

Requires Soul-Refining Talisman.

Synthesize Bloodsoul

Three identical Bloodsoul can be synthesized into a Bloodsoul of higher level. If there's one Bloodsoul that is different from the other two, a random Bloodsoul will be synthesized.

Bloodsoul has 7 levels. Higher level has higher requirement for Bloodline Limit.

Requires a number stones

- Pray -

Pray will enhance attributes. Click on Pray button to start.

Choose a Bloodline Limit you want to pray by selecting the attribute of Pray from the drop-down menu.

Select and put the Bloodsoul in the slot for Pray.

Different types of Bloodsoul can be used to pray for specific attribute.

Warning! The Bloodsoul used will disappear after clicking the Pray button!

Click on Pray to begin the process.

Fill the Pray EXP bar to finish the process.

Pray EXP will increase according to the Bloodsoul used for praying.

Try to finish the Pray EXP bar for the attribute you chose first before selecting other attributes.

Warning! The EXP bar will empty out if you selected a new attribute!

Every Bloodline Limit has a level cap for Pray.



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