Pockie Ninja Guide: Early Leveling, Gold, Stones, and Coupon

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Preface to Early Leveling Guide

It is important to complete your liveliness to the maximum every day to claim your bonus gift coupons. 

Never spend gift coupons AT ALL except for the education quest requiring you to instantly complete a chain fight (select 5 enemies when doing this quest! Each 5 additional enemies increases the Coupon cost by 1) and to buy an item from the item mall for that education quest as well. 

For the Item Mall item, I suggest purchasing a Pet Skill Lock, because when you choose a pet eventually, more than likely you will need a lock to protect a skill during discovery.


Unbound - An item that has not been synthesized or equipped. You do not obtain these very often before level 25. Only unbound items can be sold at the trade market.
1s - a magical piece of equipment with ONE stat modifier on it. Regular 1s item color is BLUE
2s - a magical piece of equipment with TWO stat modifiers on it. Regular 2s item color is BLUE
3s - a rare piece of equipment with THREE stat modifiers on it. Regular 3s item color is ORANGE
4s - a VERY rare piece of equipment with FOUR star modifiers on it. Regular 4s item color is GOLD
+1(etc.) - An outfit or Pet can be synthesized with 2 more exactly like it to create a +1 of that outfit or pet. When continuing to increase the level to +2 and higher, use a +0 for the catalyst items, while using the main +1 as the source item. You do not need to combine a +1 with 2 +1's to make a +2.

***NOTE*** Set items are always a GREEN colored text, but can have anywhere from 1-4 stat modifiers on them. Be careful when dealing with set pieces!

Levels 1-16
Follow the tutorial and accept all the quests in your village when it is complete. After accepting the quests, return to the item shop and purchase 1 more unappraised child's armor from the Black Shop for 1 Stone (could be a 3s!) and then check the normal shop, and purchase any 1s items that are in the original window for 1 Stone as well. Save all 1s or higher items for synthesizing later. Sell nothing but the gray equipment with no stats.

Open your bag and use the exp gift bag you got from the tutorial lucky draw. This should level you to level 7.

Click the Leave button to go to your first combat zone. Accept and turn in the quests you have here. Continue to do quests and tutorial until you reach level 16. This may take an hour or two, depending on how experienced you are. Have patience, it becomes more and more fun as you level higher.

Levels 16-25

These levels can take a bit more time. If you play a lot, you will run out of movement. Do ALL quests, bounty quests, explorations, las noches challenges, and valhalla hard camps each day. When you run out of quests, use remaining days movement when everything else is done to fight the highest level creature available to you. Do not waste movement on slots until level 31 (aside from the 10 each day for liveliness!)
After the end of your 2nd day/Start of your 3rd, you should hit level 25.

Levels 25-31

The same principle as the previous leveling group. Save your medals and gift coupons for higher levels. At low levels they are only wasted. 

Once you get a free pet, you can synthesize it with two 1s items to randomly change it to another pet of the same level. The sunflower is not a very good pet, so I would recommend changing it to a treant, blood bat, or vulture. All three of them have very good unique skills. Use the pet food you find from explorations to level them up and learn skills. Do not waste the 6 little beans you get from the NPC on a sunflower, you will be sad.  '

After the end of your 4th or 5th day you should be around Level 31.

Levels 31+

This is when you can replace fighting the highest level creature with level 31 slots.

Level 31 slots give you better chances at rewards as well as a bigger reward of stones than previous slots have offered. Complete all quests, liveliness, and arenas each day, and then do slot machines until you are out of movement.

Please post any questions, feedback, or improvements and I will respond or incorporate them as soon as possible!

I hope this helps improve your experiences in Pockie Ninja!


Please send all your thanks to Academic in the official forum!



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