Pockie Ninja Guide: Early Leveling, Gold, Stones, and Coupon

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KeyWord: Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja Guide, Level, Gold, Stone, Coupon

Earning Gift Coupons

You get gift coupons from 4 Sources.
1. Education Quests!
2. Liveliness
3. Gift Coupon Reward Bags
4. Completing useful guides and informative collections of data on the forums.

Gift coupons are EXTREMELY important to you. For a player who does not intend to purchase anygold, spending gift coupons is a terrible mistake. You must NOT spend gift coupons if you can avoid it.

When you reach the upper 30's, it is essential to have extra coupons for enchanting and refining your equipment, therefore, while leveling up, refrain from chain attacking, buying item mall items, and skill resetting. 

At level 25 you should have between 350-400 gift coupons saved up. 




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