Pockie Ninja Guide: Early Leveling, Gold, Stones, and Coupon

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Pockie Ninja

Character IGN: Genma
Server: Flowerflow River

First let me start off by saying that this data comes from leveling many different characters to 25. 

The purpose of doing so was to find the most effective way to get through the lower levels while making efficient stones, saving gift coupons, and creating the best equipment available to you.

That aside, this game has a certain degree of luck involved. Some of the time you just will not get the drops or rewards you were looking for. But I will show you how to make the best of that situation.

Earning Stones

Stone's are rather elusive to come by before level 31, the options open for you to obtain them are limited. Many of the early quests will give experience and gift coupons to you instead of stones. Do not worry however, you should be able to make it to level 16 incredibly easily without having to spend any stones at all. 

Once level 16, you can begin to do the slot machines at the crossroads. You should do the slot machine 10 times a day(for liveliness as well as the chance @ elite rewards) but not any more than that. Before level 31, the slot machines offer a very paltry amount of stones, and the rewards fromfighting slot battles are reduced.

Continue questing to earn stones, while NEVER chain attacking. Chain attacking takes just as long, if not longer to complete than doing it manually and costs a considerable amount of stones.

Never synthesize unnecessarily. Be patient and wait to earn things like pet food from bounty quests and explorations. ALWAYS do bounty quests and explorations to the maximum for each day, both give you an opportunity to earn a decent amount of stones.

A Good strategy at level 16 is to find a partner for your 10 slot machine turns, while doing an exploration between each encounter. This way you can explore while staying in the same zone. It is important to not waste any explorations until you get to the crossroads. Your goal will be to get the crossroads Exploration Zone to a 5 Star Setting. Once at the 5 star setting, the rewards looted from the exploration are increased.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** You must use 12 coupons to replenish your exploration attempts 1 time each day. But once you complete all 290 liveliness, you are awarded with 12 coupons, so it ends up evening out.

ALWAYS do valhalla every day. Doing a HARD camp run 3 times a day will assuredly get you at leastONE decent piece of equipment, as well as a minor stone and experience reward.

Las Noches is good for getting experience but costs 1000 stones to attempt. It is important to complete las noches 2 times per day, but I would recommend saving the attempts until you are 1/3 way to leveling up. At that point use a las noches run to hit the next level to obtain new quests.




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