Pockie Ninja Guide: Demon Proof of Suppression

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Pockie Ninja

By: shinobi

This guide will cover on how to make Demon Proof of Suppression efficiently and how to acquire 2s Hand Grenades + 2s +2s = Demon Proof of Suppression


When you do slot machine, I usually try to burn 100-130 movement if not all 200, SAVE all your 2s or synthesis them right away with grenades If you have problem with your bag spaces. DO NOT try to turn them into anything else like 2s + 2s +2s to try to get a 3s. I recommend you guys to slot machine during event bonus hour of march (double EXP/DROP). I am not sure about double drop but non the less, you will get dozen(s) of 2s when you try to burn your daily 100-130 movements.

Hand Grenades + 2s +2s = Demon Proof Of Supression -- 70-80% success rat


When you do slot machine, you also have a chance of winning various prices. The 2 face price when open gives you 3 things, Enhancement Talisman, Hand Grenades, and Anonymous Card. Right away your Hand grenades problem is solve. So, DO NOT try to make/synthesis Hand Grenades (Anonymous Card + 1s +2s or 2s +2s). It is a waste of 2s and as I mentioned earlier, "DO NOT try to turn them into anything," but making Demon Proofs.


You second source of 2s is the Tailed Beast Defense event that comes only during Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6-8. I recommend you to leave a full space of bag (1 empty bag) because they will fill up fast and quick. Same method applies, only use 2s for synthesizing Demon Proof of Suppression.


Now besides 2s drop, you can also get 3s, 4s, and many other awesome drops like all TB pets (1-9). TB event is also an amazing source of EXP.


The third source came from my previous guide. SYNTHESIZING 2S PET FOOD. This method is 100% 2s success rate. I highly recommend this if you are done with the first two steps. The synthesis formula for 2s pet food is

food (21) + 1s +1s = EXP Mark -- 100% success rate

EXP Mark + 1s +1s = 2s food -- 100% success rate

*You can buy pet food 21 synthesis value from pet food store with feathers*


This is 100% success rate for making 2s but it takes 2 step. In addition, its a good source of "DEBRIS" pet food type since they are the hardest to get your hands on.


Your third source of 2s is through synthesis them. There is no clear percentage of success for 1s +1s +1s but it should be around 30-40% ish. 1s can be bought through Item shop.

1s + 1s +1s = 2s -- about 30% success rate


Just another way of synthesizing although it is it 100% like the pet food synthesis formula.


Your last source of 2s is from fight outer Demon BOSSes. This is what you use for Demon Proof of Suppression for to gain massive amount of Experience. I HIGHLY recommend you leave a full bag (1 empty bag) if not 2 full bags for space because it will fill up with A LOT of 2s like enchantment stones and other good stuff.


This is what high level players use to gain huge amount of EXP to boost levels. It is one of the best source of EXP in game. A side from EXP, It to also is known for it's item drop. Item drop includes 4s and Lucky gems and many other goodies.

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