Pockie Ninja: Defense Reduction/-Def AB Plot in Progress

Date: Mar 05 2012 06:22:41 Source: Official Forum Views:
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Pockie Ninja

Defense Reduction

Equation for the regular def is: reduction% = 0.000000005(defense^3)-0.00003(defense^2)+0.066(defense)

Defense Reduction

This one i only plotted a few points till it gets crazy any point after what i plotted the curve rises even faster like crazy fast

just know after AB passes def the damage rises like crazy, and thats why i strongly urge people to get a lot of def at least about 1100 def to stay safe from most ABer except the ones that are obsessed about AB and go all the way with at level 80 i don't wanna see anyone wiht 700-800 def ull get screwed by ABers, cause they have about 1k thats about -200 def and that gives then tons of damage gluc



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