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Pockie Ninja

By ConstStar

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To Begin: The Basics

First thing I do is log into my main character, cause its obviously the most important one. I check mail and Trade Market (TM) for sold or expired items to collect and redo anything that needs to be done.

Check Hall for claims, check Bounty Board for finished quests and claim, then run Auto Complete on one of the Bounty Quests. I prefer the ones that give items and visiting quest you can complete easy.

Also, check Guidance Room and Train apprentices or Praise master if you have any.

Finally check Pet Kennel if you've been training a pet.

Pockie Ninja

Pet Tracing: Dang Feathers!

Now Head to your village so you can Pet Trace. Pet tracing is done with many personal ways im sure, but I have my own particular way of doing them. ALWAYS REMEMBER Turn Knobs always turn clockwise! I won't use a turn knob unless I can get more than 1 square from using it. I won't use a Magnifier unless I can get more than 1 square by knowing what it is. If I have a chance to run the whole board, I will use a turn knob even if its just to gain 1 more square (as long as its what helps me complete the run).

Pockie Ninja

And finally, even when your out of tries you can still use left over knobs and stuff to effect the boxes. I suggest using them, because tomorrow the boxes will be how you left them but your turns and stuff won't. Throw away, synthesize or reroll Enchantment Stones with all those Breads, Weeds, Mushrooms, Lollipops, and feathers (Feathers are always garbage, just throw them away), (they take up room). An effective way to get better pet food is to go to item shop and syn your weaker pet foods with 2x 1s as catalyst.

Newly added feature

Split-Screen Multi-Tasking:

From here I open a 2nd Internet Explorer window with a pre-saved link to another server character.

You WILL need to partially shrink the windows by hand a little bit, this will allow both servers to function properly simultaneously.

I re-do all the above on it as I did before on first character.

While im doing that I'll be doing the following below this post.

Pockie Ninja

Sloting Fast and Easy: MMMMM... Cakes! And Cards, Oh my!

Here is the funner part, its time to go SLOTING! But first we must change our skills from the arena set to the slot set.

Pockie Ninja

My slot skills that I recommend to everyone of lvl 36 and higher is Great Mud River, Detonating Clay, Static Field, Great Strength, Bomb, Assassinate. Static shield helps against that pesky Thunder God skill used by both Naruto and Gaara in slots.

Pockie Ninja

Now that we have our skills set properly, we can start soloing slots while using refresh method. The Refresh method is basically just clicking the refresh button on your internet browser after starting the slot battle. (Don't worry, you still receive all items from the win and slot spin). Doing this allows you to skip having to watch the battle. Makes sloting go by alot faster.

Pockie Ninja

Now, don't forget to flip cards in exploration. I usually check it every 6-8 slot battles myself.

About half way thru your slot run, go back to Angel City and check your Bounty Board quests to see if anything is complete, Claim and Auto Complete another Bounty Quest. Also check your bag often while sloting to make sure its not full. Depending on what you need or don't need, you might wanna sell any unbound 3s Orange Equip items (if you dont need them). Don't sell your unbound 2s Blue Equip items, unless your really hard up for stone.

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Now what I do here is specific to me cause I don't need most of anything I can get from slots right now. But I take ANY 2s Blue equip items and enchantment stones I can't use, and I make Pet Food Cake with them. Heres a quick "how to" on making Cake (though you could find it in other forum posts). Pet food with stats like Fresh Beer, Apple, Banana, Ramen, etc. + 1s + 1s = Exp Mark. Exp Mark + 1s + 1s = Pet food with 32 syn value and stats. Pet food with 32 syn value and stats + 2s / Enchantment stone / pet food with 32 syn value + 2s / Enchantment stone / pet food with 32 syn value= Cake about 80% Success. Then Blue outfit + cake + cake = Orange outfit random about 70% Success rate.

Once you finish your slot run, you should be just about out of cards to flip in exploration. Go back to Angel City and go to Item Shop. Repair your Equipment by clicking Repair All. Then go to armory, and transfer any orange outfits you may have made with cakes. Don't forget to check Bounty Quests and anything else while your transfering outfits.

Pockie Ninja

Valhalla and You!: Be The One They Count on

Now its time for Valhalla aka Val.

Pockie Ninja

First we need to change our Skill Set again, cause chakra is even more important to save in Val. This is my skill set that I recommend to everyone, (Great Mud River, Detonating Clay, Great Strength, Bomb, Assassinate, and Substitution). Some people may want to switch some things like Great Mud River with Quickstep if they have that skill release. Or Some other skills here or there. Point is ya need to save chakra!!! Its important to winning and being a value to the party your in.

Abyss Skills: Ok I know I'm a little tardy on adding a skill set for doing Abyss in val, so here it is. (ITS HARD!!!!!) a great skill set for Abyss so far for me would be: Detonating Clay or Great Mud River, Great Strength, Bomb, Assassinate, Creation Rebirth, Dead Demon Consuming Seal. But keep in mind, just having this skill set won't make you instantly competitive in Abyss. You NEED STATS. They hit extremely hard. IF you can find someone to lead for you, let them know your capable of being a chakra saver and can be put on top of the party. But they should rest you before each BOSS battle (every fifth round of opponents). Hopefully they listen, not all do...

(Now before everyone starts reming me about everyones builds being different, yes I know but this is what "I" do, test things yourselves and get to know your own abilities).

Assuming you got someone to lead for you, you'll need to check in every 5-8 minutes to make sure no one left you holding the bag from a disconnect or something. When its done, flip your card and you'll be brought back to your village. Repair All in item shop, and fix any hp/chakra damages. Check bag for items to use etc. Bounty Board again, and head back to Demon City. Do the above til your out of tries.

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pwning Los Noches like a champ!

Los Noches Floors if you haven't done them already. This takes a long time, so unless your really trying to level up fast I suggest just doing one battle then claim exp. Open again and repeat. When your done go back into training. I use the same Arena skill set for doing Los Noches, bring potions or hp/chakra carrier bags for hp and chakra repairs. Don't forget to check bounty and repair items afterwards.

Pockie NinjaPockie Ninja

Training Hall and Arena: Side Ventures

Pockie Ninja

Once you've completed all Val tries, you need to switch to your Arena Skill Set or PVP Skill Set (Player vs. Player). Go to Hall in Angel City and join a room for away training. Now you can either move on to another character if you have more now... or you can go in arena.

In arena, check your national and/or world standings and medal claims.

Pockie Ninja

Arena Skill sets are different for most of my characters, depends alot on skill releases, stat build, pets, etc. But heres the one I use on my main character. Crystal Blade, Great Mud River, Detonating Clay, Chidori, Quick Step, and Great Strength. In no way am I advocating this should be used by everyone, this is specific to my character and build and it works decent for me. As I stated before, get to know your own strengths and weaknesses, and find your own special skill set. No single skill build is perfect, theres just too much diversity.

Once your in arena and have done all the above listed, go down the list of players attacking them 1 by 1. Usually if I lose, I will just move on. But if I know I shoulda won but didn't, I might go back and try again. Otherwise I move on to the next one.

Pockie Ninja

If you have more tries once you reach the end, click refresh and start at the top again. I've been doing this method for a little while now, and its made a huge difference in gaining in rankings and medals.

Pockie NinjaPockie Ninja

Go to Guidance Room and take apprentices if you can.

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Duel people 10 times even though its boring. The refresh method can also be applied here, so it should'nt take very long at all.

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