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Crews make your team in Pockie Pirates stronger by able to deal more damage. In this Pockie Pirates crew guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about Pockie pirates crews and how they can affect your game play. Use this guide to come up with the strongest crews and become the kings of pirates.

Recruiting Additional Pockie Pirates Crews

The ability to recruit additional crew members into your Pockie Pirates game become available as your progress through the game. The ability to recruit unlocks at roughly level 10 from the bar. In addition, you can get more potential recruits when you reach level 50 and level 70 in Pockie Pirates.

When you recruit, you can either use normal convene, advanced convene, and super convene. The Super convene is costly priced at 500 gold, but it gives you additional chance to obtain rank S crew members.

Crew Member Ranking

The crews in Pockie Pirates can be divided by rank. They are categorized by color according to their ranks.
Rank S = Gold
Rank A = Purple
Rank B = Blue

Typically speaking, the special characters in One Piece are rank S and A Crews. These crews have active skills already fixed to a skill that matches with their in anime special attacks or persona. In addition, the Rank S and A crews have slightly stronger stats than the Rank B crews. Lastly, because their active skills are fixed, they effectively get one more skill points because they do not need to discover for skill.

Maximum Crew Numbers

Your number of maximum crews are raised as you level up through the game. The system does not tell you exactly when you have raised the numbers of crews. Below numbers and levels are my estimate of when you can raise the numbers of your Pockie Pirates crews.

3 Crews: Level 15
4 Crews: Level 24

Crew Member Profession and Skills

Depending on the rank and professions of your Pockie Pirates crews, they can have and enhance different types of skills. Your crew will earn one skill point for every 5 levels. The skills are fixed once you discover them unless you spend gold to remove the skills. However, because gold requires money in the majority of the cases. It is cheaper to recruit new members on a daily basis and only keep them if you draw a skill that you like. You can also make a skill stronger by enhancing it, each Pockie Pirates skill enhancement costs one skill point.

Crew Member gears

You can equip the gears onto your Pockie Pirates crew members via the Backpack section. Remember to keep your Pockie Pirates crews up to date with their equipment, especially the new ones that you have just recruited because they outlevel the beginner equipment fast. You can also do various things to upgrade the Pockie Pirates gears to make your crews stronger in the game.

Crew Auto Training Option

There is a function at which you can auto train your Pockie Pirates crews for a small amount of silver fee. By default, you have one training slot to put your crew into, additional auto training spots will cost you 100 gold to obtain. The experience points gained through auto training is pretty generous, thus you should take advantage of it to level up your Pockie Pirates crews faster.

Pockie Pirates Crew Attributes

You can upgrade the default attributes of your Pockie Pirates crews by going into the attribute section. The attributes affect how the actual stats that you will have. You can spend prestige or gold to see whether or not you like the attributes changes. If you like it, click replace. If you are not happy, use Maintain. As you rank up your attributes, you will have to spend higher amount of Pockie Pirates prestige or gold to upgrade.



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