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We all have our terminology for how we refer to aspects for the game but in an effort for this guide to more readable I need to list atleast 2 word for this guide to make sense:

1) Attributes: I will say this to refer to onl: Strength, Stamina, Agility
2) Stats: I will use this to express the other stuff: cons,def,crit,hit,dodge,hp%,speed%, etc. every thing else except what is covered by the Attributes

This distinction will become important because Attributes and Stats are separated on bloodsouls but more on that later.... for now just understand this is what I mean

Bloodlines: concept of equipping eyes

Eye: one of the 3 eyes that your char can equip for extra stats, and each EYE also has 5 bloodsouls SLOTS and is upgradeable to +20, with the prayer function

Bloodsoul: a new equip in this game holds a certain Stat (not attributes), and starts at level 1 and can go to level 7, and the amount of stat given by bloodsoul rises as the level grow, meaning every level the amount the stat grows rises, here is example with crit:
lvl 1 = 7, lvl 2 = 12, lvl 3 = 19
from 1 to 2  we gained  5 points
but from level 2 to 3 we gained 7 points

4) Prayer: allows an eye to upgrade your ATTRIBUTES (not stats), so ur stamina, strength, agility, and the process is similar to feeding your pet.....

Bloodlines part 1, explanation:

Notice the part I circled is a new feature

Pockie Ninja

picture this:
THINK OF EACH EYE AS A 5 s equipment EXCEPT......
AND THE EYES also include bonus ATTRIBUTES of your distribution OF STAMINA, STRENGTH, AND AGILITY
Clicking on the Bloodline Limit square we get the bloodline limit interface:

Pockie Ninja

This seems to freak people out, so I broke it down into sections
(1) These 5 slots on the left, are just the storage area for the eyes
(2) that whole display just displays what you are gaining because of the bloodlines
(3) The three slots are the eyes currently in use, YES U CAN USE UP TO 3 EYES SIMULTANEOUSLY

Bloodlines: concept of equipping eyes
Eye: one of the 3 eyes that your char can equip for extra stats, and each EYE also has 5 bloodsouls SLOTS and is upgradeable to +20, with the prayer function

(4) This section on the right is the backpack for your BLOODSOULS

Bloodsoul: a new equip in this game holds a single Stat (not attribute), and starts at level 1 and can go to level 7, and the amount of stat given by bloodsoul rises as the level grow, meaning every level the amount the stat grows rises, here is example with crit:
lvl 1 = 7, lvl 2 = 12, lvl 3 = 19
from 1 to 2  we gained  5 points
but from level 2 to 3 we gained 7 points
and that will keep rising

very imporant since its an easy mistake to make:
your level has to be > Eye's level
Eye's level has to be > Bloodsoul level
notice lvl 1 blood soul = needs level 25
level 2 = needs level 25

level 3 = needs level 25
Starting level 4 onwards it rises by about 10 levels, so level 4 need level 36
lvl 4 = 36
lvl 6 = 58(<= guessing)
lvl 7 = 70(<= guessing)
lvl 5 = 47 (<= guessing)

The upgrade formula for bloodsouls works like this:
lvl1 + lvl1 + lvl 1 = lvl 2
lvl2 + lvl2 + lvl2  = lvl 3 .... etc
8 r' C& U+ P; v" S% z9 N
lvl 6 + lvl 6 + lvl6 = lvl 7

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

I have highlighted the synthesis button in pre-synthesis picture which opens up synthesis menu, and after spending stones to synthesis 3 catalysts i got my lvl 2 bloodsoul, notice its random bloodsoul unless u use three of the same type.

Obviously we wont always get what we want so we need to refine the bloodsouls.

Pockie Ninja

notice the refine button is next to the synthesis button and notice it cost 16 gold or GC, and it will continue to cost more and more as the level of bloodsoul gets higher similar to the how cost of removing gems goes up with rising gem level

Eye Secret Technique:

i am not 100% sure on how this works since no one has achieved it yet, but according to what they said:
These outfits: Mashiro Kuna, Hyuga Hinata, Uchiha Itachi, Fourth Hokage, Konan, Sage Naruto, Hebi Sasuke
if they get 15 bloodsouls all level 5 or above, that char can activate another secret technique and like i said, i have yet to see someone do it

PRAY Feature, the 2nd part of each EYE:

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Pray is pretty straight forward

Basically you feed the attribute you are trying to + with bloodsouls as food, and when u press pray it instantly fills the bar, the issue however is that one the feed obviously get higher with the higher the attribute goes but more importantly, ONLY CERTAIN BLOODSOULS CAN FEED CERTAIN ATTRIBUTES, SPEED% DOES NOT WORK WITH STRENGTH ONLY WITH AGILITY ETC. ALSO LOOK AT THE 3rd Screen shot, if u switch to another attribute you must give up all the exp you have gained so far

THIS MAKES PRAY very annoying even for gold users, as refining costs esp at higher levels become very painful, so try to do bloodsouls first

THE TOTAL SUM OF THE + level of Agility, Strength, and Stamina cannot exceed +20 meaning u can have: +20 stamina, and +0 strength and agility or +10 stamina and +10 strength but NOT +20 for all of them

Sample Eye:

Opening eye menu:

Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

Notice Beyond just the BLOODSOUL + PRAY, we also have the natural stats of the eyes themselves

In Total:
3 eyes each w/  5 bloodsouls, and up to +20 pray and the natural stats = massive stats

Removing BLOODSOULS/Pray etcit will cost you 80 gold, an item in item mall, to remove a bloodsoul without destroying it, also to remove the pray on individual attribute from pray like making agility +2 to agility +0 so u can use upgrade twice on something else, is also gold like 8 gold or something called clear stone in item mall

Bloodlines part 2, IMPACT:

I will try to be as brief as possible but basically:

-100% control over everything, u pick the eyes, u pick the bloodsoul stats, u pick what to pray, very little left to chance
-Expect this to account for 35% to 40% of ur char bad-assness
   - 3 Eyes, each giving their own natural stats
   - total of 15 level 7 bloodsouls at max is crazy that like an additional 1700 points of stats  not including the attributes
in summation HUGE IMPACT

Bloodlines part 3, Investments:

YOU need to make 2 investments toward:
1) getting the eye
2) maximizing the eye w/ bloodsouls and pray

Part 1, getting the eye:

In order to get eyes all u have to do is give the NPCs whatever item they want the NPCs are separated into classes based on level

Pockie Ninja

Notice the grades that exist, each grade corresponds to a level range, obviously higher the level range more rare the item and more of it they want, moving mouse over their heads shows how much u need to please them, once you please them u get to take their eye.


1) based on level range of the grade for example orange is like 65-75 ish, i need to do slots, and Demon kills in that area
but the slots give out quite a bit of material
2) You can get only the blue, purple, orange type from the new "liking jar" from sign in event, and pots have that grade items

Pockie Ninja

3) U can also buy from the 3 vs 3 trials redeem shop for fairly cheap prices and you can even buy the DARK GOLD BEST ITEMS , and bloodsouls too.

Pockie Ninja

GETTING THE EYE/Re getting the eye:

AFTER GETTING THEM WHAT THEY WANT U JUST GIVE IT TO THEM AND THEY increase friendliness with u and eventually after getting max friendship, u rip out their eyes.


Part 2, maxing out the eyes:

FOR FREE USERS:( G# F, A6 ]8 _; V+ h
u can get 10 free discoveries a day and for 10 GC a piece u can up to 25 more a day

each discovery gives u a bloodsoul lvl 1, lvl2, lvl3, or maybe even lvl4
use gold n GC to get max of 10 free + 25 paid  = 35 level 1 or 2 bloodsouls and work from there
just quickly ran 25 gift coupon runs
20/25 lvl 1   80%
4/25 lvl 2    16%
1/25 lvl 3     4%
anyhow i guess using this as average every day after synthesizing costs stones and 250 gold or GC
u could consistently get this per day, great bargin actually and very consistent, as treasure jars require luck:
2  (lvl 1)
1  (lvl 2)
1  (lvl 3)
1  (lvl 4)
for 1750 GC, a week ull be doing:
2  (lvl 1)2  (lvl 2)1  (lvl 3)1  (lvl 4)
1  (lvl 6)

every lol 3 weeks ull be making 1 perfect level 7 eye wow

-IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN COMPETITIVE THEN U NEED TO GET TO MAX LEVEL REALLY FAST, here is how i see the best way of going about this, lol the straight forward way, buy bloodsoul treasure jar for 38 gold which gets u levl1,lvl2,lvl3,lvl4
compared to the weekly plan of the medium use, the 1750 spend into jars gives:
46 jars+ 70 free discoverys
46 jars = about 12 lvl 1, 12 lvl 2, 11 lvl 3, 11 lvl 4  which translates to:
3 T9 S/ z6 u5 z6 B' f: [& o
1  (lvl 2)
1  (lvl 3)
1  (lvl 4)
2  (lvl 5)
1  (lvl 6)
unless chances for getting lvl 4 are like super low, but i imagine they are roughly equal

Misc changes that affect the game:

3 vs 3 system::
nothing really special here, its just 1vs 1 matches, with partners who fight after u die, but the redeem shop offers some good @!, and u buy stuff based on how well u fight
Trial of Bravery opening time: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday from 20:00-21:00

- Mini look at Card house changes, and chance at Kage weapons
card shop now does offer card for sale, by exchanging all purpose cards for regular cards:

the all purpose pack is the one on the very right, and its 100 points for 20 cards, and during lol happy hour, its 50 points for 20 cards, but pockie posted card ratio as:
         Green card:10
         Blue card:100
         Orange card:1500
basically mean getting 8 "1500 value" cards is practically impossible so ull find it hard to get ur kage weaponalso if happen to get somehow, make sure u press refresh reward paying 3 gold to refresh the kage weapons because default is 1 fist, 1 sharp, 1 blunt but u can reoroll so u get 2 of what u want vs 1 of something else

- Equipment changes the new +16 stuff
pockie ninja still experimenting with this, on ptr it cost be about 8-10k GC to get 16/16 for most of equips some i said forget it, but apparently as PN posted lol +11 to +15 are all 1% chance of success
- Defense against TB, drops TB pets, changes in dates and times
we now have chance to get TB pet we beat, so killing 7 TB might drop 7TB petalso note massive time change:Defence Against Tailed Beast now opens every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting from 18:00.

- Level 12 outfit collection (<= kinda BS lol)
LOL there are only 48 suits possible to collect of which one is 6 path of pains which is no one can get so why they made level 12 thing beats me, lol 60 orange outfits collected, ALSO it is nice to get 45 outfits collected one

- New pets ooohh lol exciting
2 new pets I'll show their skills and thats it cause I have nothing nice to say about them, I would take a TB pet any day

Pockie Ninja

Noba, is a punisher type, and he ironically has the auras of a chanelling pet, if be had better auras he might be good pet

Pockie Ninja

TonTon, is apparently a agressive Beast aura pet, but i have nothing more to say
- 24 gems!!! something exciting
yeah soon we can all be OP with 6+ speed or 10k hp etc, stock up on gems :)

- LN fat cut down by 1/2 GREAT!!!
just a nice time save

- Rest of the junk :)  <= this other stuff doesn't really matter
i mean there are new suits comming out, hinta one is pretty badass, stuff is being optimisted etc whatever, the core is what counts

- THERE IS NO AB NERF, LOL, the 3x cap wont affect you, unless u were fighting people who had 900 points of def below ur AB which should never be the case against well matched competitive fighters, except LOL soon def cap will be closer to 4+k lol

yeeee 100% done
comment, question, correct  me etc
sorry for long read but this is a massive update + i talk too much :D
for some reason i can't get rid of image below this part


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